kgb on david kelly - pukka gen or more misinformation?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by maguire, Jul 25, 2010.

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  1. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    MI5 agent told me that Kelly had been ¿exterminated | Mail Online

    'The mystery over the death of David Kelly took a further twist last night after a former KGB officer said he had evidence that the scientist did not commit suicide.

    Boris Karpichkov, who worked as a Russian spy for 15 years before fleeing to Britain, has sent a dossier to Attorney General Dominic Grieve in which he claims to relay information from an ‘MI5 agent’ that Dr Kelly had been ‘exterminated’.

    His move comes amid increasing calls from within the Coalition Government for a full, independent investigation into Dr Kelly’s death.'
  2. Totally plausible. But I'm willing to bet any documentary evidence has been destroyed.
  3. Yep, or buried in so many layers of secrecy that it may as well not exist. Like the true stories behind the death of Albino Luciani, the attempted assassination of Karol Wotyla and JFK's twatting by a hit squad.

  4. So, the implication is that we may yet see Blair, Brown et al in the Hague? That by itself would guarantee the coalition winning the next election.
  5. I would like to see justice for Kelly and his family.
  6. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Somebody tell me why what a very senior judge has said is suicide should not be the subject of a formal inquest?

    And why a registrar who signs off an incomplete death certificate should not be disciplined?
  7. Kelly exterminated...Daleks implicated?
  8. I'm speechless. Almost. Man who exposed governments false pretext for invading Iraq was murdered by said government.

    As we are fighting to defend freedom and ensure justice, doesn't this make it all a little pointless? This would just make us hired guns/henchmen of Bliar, Bush and their backers.
  9. Since so many seem to believe what ex-KGB spooks (or other legalized pathological liars) say, I have prime seafront property to sell in Arizona, USA.
  10. Nothing will change as:

    Blair & Broon are still ***** of the highest order and will slime out of it!

    All it will do is give the good old boys some money for drawing out yet another ******* useless inquiry, getting paid a fortune plus expenses for these ***** to turn up and give testimony, million the Country and the Tax Payer cannot afford at the moment. Ending up in a none event!

    Do I think he was killed, HELL YES right from the start it stank, but the Country had a chance to do something then and failed. Went for a walk in the woods and killed himself MY ARSE, a Plastic new copper happens to find him after being told ( the only one) to look in that location over the radio (hint hint) and manages with her dog! to **** the crime scene up by walking all over any evidence that may have pointed to anything suspicious.

    To the family of Dr Kelly, I apologise on behalf of the Country as you have been let down badly!

    Tin Foil Hat Off!
  11. Had supper the other night with two highly qualified medical friends of the family , a doctor and a surgeon , the subject of Dr Kelly came up in conversation and both of them have grave doubts about the medical evidence given in the enquiry.
    I hope the Kelly family get the investigation they deserve ... won't hold my breath though .
  12. I tend to think that the fact that Dr Kelly actually is dead probably rules out a UK PLC operation.
  13. Whilst the whole thing looks dodgy (aalthough part of me wants it to be true - that the UK still has the balls and wherewithal to do 'wet jobs') I just can't see it happening. How long do you think it would be before some Guardian-reading 'Box' type went off to the papers with the story?
  14. Have the Kelly family expressed any desire for further 'investigation' ???

  15. I alway thought he was 'offed' by the anti Saddam Iraqis. They, as much as anyone, didn't want to see the war train getting de-railed by some inconventient facts coming out.

    It will be intesting to see if CMD re-opens this. Massive political milage in it for the Tories but somehow I don't see it happening.