Is there still a detachment on St Kilda.

I am not RE however was detached out there in 1986 for a while and it was a scream. The ARC contractors were also out there at that time, the money taken over the bar must have been phenominal. A more isolated detachment you could not find but I have loads of memories of the place which will follow if this thread gets any interest
i'm aware of one arrser who hangs out on the Sapper forum who was there for a while :wink:
knew a sparky that was there. N*d K*ll*.

I can remember building sandcastles on the beach with a D6 and being one of the first to sign my name on the ceiling in the Puff Inn.
That was a sand mountain not a sand castle. I stayed on top whilst he tide came in with the stores lad scouse and a few others drinking what was left of the cans untill it was eventually washed away.
I think we also went through Dune gap that day in the canadian canoe and also the occasional Lobster on the bar.
The clocks must have gone back whilst I was out there as I remember keeping the puff inn open for the extra hour untill the BSM said it had to close.
I never did find out what my job out there was, but it was a memorable detachment.
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