KG6 - comming on that time of year again!!

Discussion in 'OTC' started by poorlytrainedidiot, May 6, 2007.

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  1. is it the last one? who knows? not even the DRA knows by the looks of things!!

    so then, who's going? where is it? i've heard otterburn and larkhill. anyways the big question is who's gonna win??

    well, ok, who's gonna come second? london first, well with a GLSC like me!!
  2. Shall probably be in attendance, last one ever though :( have to grow up at some point.
  3. same for me sadly, would be nice to win on my last go!!
  4. Champagne campaign round all I am saying...:D
  5. well i'd wish you'd say more as i haven't got a clue what you're on about
  6. Round three my dear bebo, round two was the dinner.

    Rumour has it you need to win to find out. Or be pikey bastards like one member of a certain cough *leeds* cough UOTC. Don't think i've forgotten who you are.

    Regards :D


    BEBO - mega booze night is called for, not the twenty fourth ( your doing something then :twisted: but probably the sunday after, oceania , gazelle, ben nevis, viper - in that order ) - IM BUYING. need a favour.
  7. Sounds good B.A.S...what am I doing 24th may I add? You stolen my diary and added stuff? or am I just forgetting something :D
  8. Involves a BBQ, and the best view of the river; if you catch my drift! :wink: checked out the gazelle tonight, brillplace suggest we hit it one day soon. Give me a text when your next free.
  9. Looks like I'll be paying Edinburgh a little visit on Friday night. PTI are you down at Rollestone at the moment as well? Where is the actual comp this year and how are you buddy?
  10. comp is in rollestone, don't bother going its wank.
  11. I must agree, KG6 was rubbish compared to last years competition. I was also told by the RSMI of the Gunnery Training Team that courses camp was not happening this year.

    This begs the question...Will there be a KG 6 next year? The only way we could have one is if people are trained by TA units in the various roles such as FOO etc. Somehow I doubt it.

  12. Gentlemen I can assure you there is a lot of people working on how to do KG6 next year, with regards to training etc etc........
    Its not just you lot who like courses camp!
    Never going to be as good as previous years without bullets though, bunnies just like big bangs.
    On a lighter note BRISTOL are well in the lead at the minute.
  13. Hi there youngsters,

    Read below and make your point known.

    One day you may need this facility.
  14. I appreciate it is a good cause your leaving a message for but do me a favour and don't spam completely unrelated threads with your message. Put it in a new topic... :roll:
  15. B - its a very good cause , which some of us may have to make use of in the future. Rumours abound of a cambridge win, any clarification?

    B - are you off a.t'ing it for the next two weeks ? Scumbag if you are.