KG6 2006

Who shall triumph at KGVI??


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Its that time of year again, I suggest having this thread, rather than hi-jacking other threads, for all the pre, and post, KG6 banter thats going to flow over the next couple of weeks.



for those in the second week I've been spammed to run the bar, therfore any suggestions on what booze is required would be greatfully appreciated
There's only one answer to who'll be in the bar latest.

:twisted: LEEDS :twisted:

All you others pale by comparison :wink:

PartTimeGeordie said:
Does anyone know which otcs are on which weeks yet? Our BSM is off on resettlment so we are a little out of the loop.
Who is firing what week T.B.C

FIRST week - Oxford,Cambridge,Northumbria, leeds

SECOND week- Glasgow, London,Bristol, Edinburgh.

Will update it when I speak to BSM on tuesday and confirm i've got it 100%
jaws_of_victory said:
Northumbria are week one, competition wed 19th. The rest of you even going to bother turning up for the second week? :lol:
Now you know OTCs arent allowed to win two years running, even when, as in 2002, the Chief Instructor announced at Woolwich 'of course you, won, but you gobby bastards weren't winning twice on the trot'.
jaws_of_victory said:
Northumbria are week one, competition wed 19th. The rest of you even going to bother turning up for the second week? :lol:
you can't win again its not going to be your turn for the next 7 years, I think glasgow or bristol are next on the ROTA to win.
lets all just shush and accept that London are gonna win and be in the bar latest and then host the best billet party. simple as! we got rid of the kn0b aka orifice cadet and so have some good gunners and training lined up including being given the second week of annual camp to train so full tactical exercise (with chinooks with a bit of luck, pity can't borrow them for KGVI!). Also i've been moonlighting with 100 Regt, so a nice bit of live fire practice (including co-ordinated illum) for me!

just accept it, London are the best (well actually i'm the best, but don't like to blow my own trumpet) and you all suck

Can london even man 2 guns these days?

Your prob better off blowing some SMIGs trumpet if you wanna win btw..
the SMIG you just mentioned is now actually a BSM somewhere soon to return as the Master Gunner (well that's what he says anyways).

And yes london can man two guns, possibly even 3 if we were allowed so dont give me that sh1t. so when are you gonna realise that you may as well start bowing down to me and chanting "All praise be to the mighty Bunny from london, the saviour of OTC Gunnery" now?!
Sorry I just remember London as the guys that could never man 2 guns and whined alot. But things change I suppose.

Aw my dear Padawan you have much to learn in the ways of the Gun. Are you yet even a Number 1? or are you still making the tea? or still wheel b*tch?

I think that KG6 started to become far to serious.. Int briefs and the like and not allowed in the mess..
I think we should change the poll on this thread to "Which OTC has the most Ocdts wasting time on ARRSE?" rather than the present question as it would be far more accurate. As far as PTI's claims for having the best billet party your welcome to it mate! saves my billet getting fucked up and all my kit nicked...

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