KFC Girls in the Bath


Kit Reviewer
Gah, I thought you were going to give me a reason to mooch over to Bath for a KFC.
I was slightly confused also as all the people that work at the KFC in Bath are ether Polish or Chinese and I wouldn't eat their if it was the last place on earth!
Definately not finger licking good! :pukel:
Salad not an option at the KFC by all accounts. Lucky for her there was no Japanese whaling ship close by. Poor girl might of taken a steam powered harpoon to her bloated face.

Meh, just one more reason out of a hundred never to eat there.


That is fowl!

Looking at her Bingo (Not chicken wings) she has to be a fat lumper. So go off that.
Size of their greasy buckets would be finger licking good.

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