KFC, Crsps & Ceral?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fltpilot, Apr 20, 2013.

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  1. Cancer risk chemical acrylamide is found in KFC fries, crisps and cereal
    Raised levels of a chemical linked to cancer have been found in a range of foods from KFC meals to breakfast cereals. Food watchdogs identified the increased quantities of acrylamide in 14 popular products.
    The chemical is formed when foods are roasted, toasted or fried at very high temperatures.

    Move at everyone's most read newspaper @ Cancer risk chemical is found in KFC fries, crisps and cereal | Mail Online
  2. Oh, what a fucking surprise - a daily mail food scare over nothing!

    Does nobody there have any fucking idea how toxicology works?
  3. Come on then, tell us.
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  4. Not really bothered if they're poisoning our poor, but do they pay their taxes?
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  5. "Scientists say it is potentially carcinogenic if consumed regularly over a lifetime." Really? Sounds the same as the drug bute found in horsemeat - incredibly low levels.

    There was a scare about 50 years ago that candy floss causes cancer (or similar). It then emerged that we would need to consume several pounds (weight) of the stuff per day for most of our lives to get cancer. Bearing in mind how light spun sugar is, I think we would be aware of its harmful properties by our teeth falling out long before the cancer appeared.
  6. I blame PAYD.

  7. Bang on the money!

    Though its accepted that many poisons are Hormetic at the right levels as well :eek:)

    And if you want to really wind the fuckers up - point to the Hormetic dose reaction to radiation, as opposed to the LNT model!
  8. I knew my 20 odd years in the RAMC would finally show its true value....

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  9. And bananas will give you radiation sickness.......... if you ate about 2 gazilion a day
  10. Tin Foil Hat time, the illuminate are trying to kill off the lower orders by giving them cancer!
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  11. If you eat the pips in an apple, a tree grows in your tummy.
  12. and if you swallow chewing gum it will strangle your inards
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