Keystone Kops lose G8 summit dossier

From the Scottish Sunday Mail - the council scheme version of the Mail on Sunday.

I am happy to rent out a room in my Scottish "castle" to some anti-globalisation protesters, as long as they have eggs for Bliar! :twisted:


By Charles Lavery

A SECRET dossier on July's G8 superpower summit at Gleneagles was lost in a London taxi by the senior Scots police officer in charge of security.

Chief Superintendent Brian Powrie left documents - including aerial photographs - as he returned from talks with anti-terror police and advisers to Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Mr Powrie is responsible for drawing up a strategy to stop terrorists and violent anti-capitalist protests.

The cabbie spotted the package - stamped with'Property of Tayside Police' - on it and handed it to his local station.

A force insider said: 'It's a real embarrassment and a cold shiver must have passed down Powrie's spine when he realised what had happened - he'd lost those documents right in the heart of London.

'They have been playing it down saying the material was not of a sensitive nature but in the wrong hands it could have been very costly.'The Perthshire G8 summit is a prime target with the heads of the world's eight most powerful nations attending - George Bush, Tony Blair, French President Jacques Chirac, Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Last night, Powrie admitted he had been 'tired' after working a 17-hour day and was on his way from the security meetings to the Novotel hotel, Docklands, when he lost the dossier.

Powrie said: 'There was no compromise of security. These were not sensitive documents.

'They were aerial pictures of the Perthshire landscape of the same type that are obtainable off the internet.

'They had been used to brief various meetings including non-security personnel during that day. These were insurers and we do not disclose even the strictest, let alone confidential or sensitive, material.

'I'm very well aware someone is out to cause mischief, embarrassment.'

A Metropolitan Police spokesman declined to comment but a spokeswoman for Tayside Police said: 'Some aerial photographs of the Perthshire countryside were accidentally left in a taxi. The pictures were not of a sensitive nature.'

Around 9000 of Scotland's 15,000 officers will be drafted in to police the summit on July 6-8 in a £150million operation.

Powrie's ambitious plans to protect world leaders include handing out identity cards to residents. Anyone over the age of eight within a specific geographical area will be photographed and issued with a card.

Powrie's officers will also fly across the country and Europe in a bid to identify potential troublemakers .

It is believed there will be major police operations and disruption to traffic in and around Glasgow and Edinburgh as police attempt to keep protesters out.

There will be a one-mile sterile zone around Gleneagles and annual leave for the two weeks around the event has been cancelled by UK forces.

A mock-up of the Gleneagles Hotel and nearby Auchterarder, complete with street names, has also been built at a disused Lanarkshire hospital to train riot troops.

Police chiefs are desperate to avoid a repeat of the 2001 Genoa summit in Italy when a protester died during battles between police and anti-globalisation protesters.

Anti-summit groups are already assembling and protesters from across Europe will gather in Germany next month. Officers from Tayside are due to monitor the meeting.
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