Keys for the indoor grenade range anyone?

Hairy_T_Towel_Holder said:
Sent a sprog today to the guardroom for keys to the indoor grenade range. He got drilled by the RP. Smart. anybody got something similar to top this?
Tartan Paint

DPM Paint

A "Long Wait"

A new bubble for my spirit level

A bucket of steam



pullthrough for the 81
Skyhooks and a short Stand... well, I fell for it...
Box of grid squares
Can of elbow grease
A metric hammer
(Navy-esque) A length of shore line
Batteries for the SUSAT
A cannon report
A BFA for the UGL
A box of ohms
Mark armour flaws on the CR2
Keys for the square/drop zone
A box of canopy lights
A bottle of tyre air
Angle for a set square
A jar of headlight fluid
A corkscrew spanner
A sheet of broken glass
(Over at the NAAFI) A randy tart; A beef curtain burger with cheese and sauce......

Etc., etc.
Back pedalling kick start was always a good one
Left handed spanner/screwdriver/hammer
goin slightly off topic the one up was the envelope with "your mrs is a whore" written inside delivered to csm/asm /oc dependant on how bad they had jacked you off, kin priceless that one!
Seen a bloke do that one brilliant :thumright:
Sent a young billy for 6 spark plugs for the 432 :plotting:
Came back laughing and telling us "The fitter bloke says I need 8 you were trying to make me do two trips."
"Fair one you got me now go fit em" :brilsmurf:
4 Hrs head scratching till he finally asked the fitter to show him :thumbdown:
Hairy_T_Towel_Holder said:
Sent a sprog today to the guardroom for keys to the indoor grenade range.
Did this one years ago with a new sprog in Germany.

Best part was, after he'd done it and all the lads were gathered around p1ssing of the full screws turned up....caught the arse-end of the conversation and said out loud.......

"fcuking amazing...I've been here 2 years now and I didn't even know we had one....."
Another good one I saw.....

Give the sprog a sledgehammer and get him to take it to the stores, handing him an envelope as he's setting off adding.......

"on your way take this to the SSM"

Picture the scene as the sprog is standing in front of the SSM with a sledgehammer

....SSM opens and reads the note which says

"Send me on leave now you cnut or I'm going to fcuk you over with this....."
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