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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by BossHogg, Jan 6, 2008.

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  1. As you know I've recently reinstalled XP, I've ironed out most problems. My only one now is how to set the keyboard up correctly. When I type @ I get " and vice versa. How do I set it up for english?
  2. If your on US settings you need to go into control panel then onto Regional/Language options settings ( i think) and change to UK. if you cant find it Ill have another look.
  3. I have the same problem but user regional settings dont help change it...
  4. In the toolbar at the bottom of the screen, right-hand end, you should see "EN" (or possibly "US").

    Click on this and select "Show the language bar".

    The language bar will appear in the toolbar at the top of the screen.

    Click in the tiny downward arrow to expand (options).

    Select Settings.

    Default Input Language should be "English (United Kingdom).

    "Installed Services - Keyboard " should be "United Kingdom" and should be at the top of any list. If not, add it and, if necessary, remove any other language.
  5. Are you using a US keyboard on UK settings?
  6. msr

    msr LE

  7. Click the Start Button> go to Control Panel> Regional and language options. On the Regional Options tab (the first one) make sure United Kingdom is selected in both drop-down boxes.

    Click the Languages tab, and then click the details button. This is the important one. Select Default Input Language as English (United Kingdom)


  8. Just getting to that one :D I had exactly the same problem with mine, had to blow the cobwebs off my brain first tough....I dont knw why they default back to septic when you have to re-install.
  9. I said that earlier but maybe not has elliquent as you :wink:
  10. The clue's in the address:

    Microsoft Corporation
    One Microsoft Way
    Redmond, WA 98052-6399
  11. I was typing that as you replied - I had to go into another room back and forth to an XP machine
  12. All sorted, thanks a lot :D
  13. Are you sure your keyboards working ok Ex-Monkey :wink: