Key Worker Schemes.- social housing/homebuy/etc


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Have any ARRSErs used the Key Worker (or similar) scheme yet?
It looked like a good deal- 25% of home, fit for hero, price interest freeish.
I saw it being trumpeted by Liebour (ruth KELLYMP) upon my return from HerrickIV and applied.
Even contacted Edwina HART AM MBE (assembly minister for "social justice and regeneration") Was told there's no such scheme for Wales, only lazy, parasitic no-hopers will get taxpayers money in this socialist paradise! Cnuts.
Hope some deserving people got taxpayer's cash...
The use of the key worker scheme has been a failure, thats why it's been given to the armed forces. The following statement below was from a senior adviser to the Shadow Defence Team. I have removed some of the entry as it would make very little sence without my initial contact letter.

Then again getting second best treatment from this government, shouldn't shock any military person or their families


Something that I am clear on, is that the money (or whatever support) needs to follow the individual, rather than people having to go to the resources, such as the current priority worker schemes – the only reason that these have been extended to the armed forces is because it was such a disaster previously.


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Many Thanks, Hitback,
I know one civ. nursey, in London, who's done well. Apparently one of the less popular members of Take That own's a flat in her block.
Is it a case of squaddies not looking out for themselves?


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Any Englishe ARRSErs need to check this scheme out ASAP.


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Dear MOD bloke,

I don't think this post will get any takers. Sign it up as another resounding success for comrade Kelly. Might as well sack this post.
when working in housing key workers schemes were seen as nice but not really an answer. if you can afford it and are eligable go for it you'd be stupid not to.
but a scheme I saw in london for nurses called for a minimum income of £30 000 not really dealing with a lack of affordable housing unless you live in daily mail world.


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All of the systems are not opened to you either like the use their money to buy whatever house you want one!
New build homebuy and the intermediate rent ones i think are the ones you can get.
You get to live next to the local 'Gallagher' family that are put up in the affordable housing (that you are part of) at the end of the new streets!