key milestone payment issues

i am dealing with a couple of ex regs who have been caught up in the NRC pipeline and have gone over 6years out of service primarily due to the length of time in the application process.

I am trying to find some way of allowing them to access the key milestone incentive scheme but the rules state you must have been out of service less than 6 years.

Now the two lads concerned have through no fault of their own been kept waiting by the NRC and have missed out on the financial incentives they would have been entitled to if the process had run smoother.

I have tried and failed to persuade my chain of command to allow them to access the incentives but am not getting anywhere. The best i can do is get them a waiver for P1A-B and the £1000 for doing CIC but they are losing a significant amount of money which in my view they should be entitled to.

Does anyone know if there is any guidelines written down that i can use to ensure they dont lose out because of an overly long admin process?
Email DM(A) detailing the facts demonstrating when the candidates left regular service, when they approached NRC and how promptly they responded to the various stages of the recruiting process. Draw your facts and dates from TRHJ which has a diary of events which may prove how proactive the candidates were. Of course TRHJ may also prove otherwise . . . .. . .