Key excerpts from Saddam in court

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by easesprings, Jul 2, 2004.

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  1. Yes!! the sooner and nastier the better

  2. No send him to Prison for life

  1. Key excerpts from Saddam in court

    Iraq's ex-leader Saddam Hussein has made a defiant first appearance before an Iraqi judge. The following are edited key moments from that exchange.



    Judge: Are you Saddam Hussein?

    Saddam Hussein: Yes, Saddam Hussein, the president of the Republic of Iraq.

    Judge: Saddam Hussein al-Majid?

    Saddam Hussein: Saddam Hussein, the president of the Republic of Iraq.

    Judge: (to court clerk) Put down 'former' in brackets.

    Saddam Hussein: I am the president of the republic so you should not strip me of my title to put me on trial.

    Judge: Where do you live?

    Saddam Hussein: I live in every Iraqi's house.

    Saddam Hussein: How can you judge me in advance when I have not yet been tried? These are charges and not crimes. I demand lawyers. Do you have a law certificate and since when have you been recognised as a judge, after the occupation or before that?

    Judge: Since the days of the previous regime and until now. The coalition authority asked me to hold this trial.

    Saddam Hussein (laughing): Then you are trying me by order of the invasion forces. By what law are you trying me?

    Judge: I am trying you in accordance with the Iraqi law.

    Saddam Hussein: Then you are trying me by the law that I enacted. You are trying me by a law that I approved and ratified.

    Saddam Hussein: I do not want to make you feel uneasy, but you know this is all theatre by Bush to help him with his election campaign. The real criminal is Bush.



    Saddam Hussein: How can you, an Iraqi national, say the invasion of Kuwait? Every Iraqi knows Kuwait is part of Iraq. It was not an invasion. I returned to Kuwait because the Kuwaitis were buying Iraqi women for 10 dinars on the streets. The Iraqi soldiers went to defend the honour of Iraq. The Kuwaitis are dogs.



    Saddam Hussein: Yes, I heard about that in the media as well.



    Saddam Hussein: Everyone says, the Americans say, I have millions of dollars stashed away in Geneva. So I should be able to afford one.

    Jesus the guy has a hugh set of brass ones :twisted: :twisted: When we he realise the extent of his actions
  2. Point of note...

    In the case of Abu Hamza we are in dispute with the US re handing him over as the United Kingdom has a moral obligation not to extradite to face the death penalty.

    Suggestions on how the coalition came to the decision, as a joint force including the United Kingdom, to hand Saddam over to the Iraqi courts to face the sentence...
  3. But like most megalomaniac tyrants he thinks he is immune to any sort of prosecution, especially from his fellow countrymen :roll:

    As the days progress I anticipate it may possibly have 2 outcomes:

    1) He realises that the people no longer support him and pleads for clemency.
    2) He becomes totally convinced that as "the elected leader of the Iraqi people" he is being put under trial by enemies of the state and thinks the people still support him and will do! This will give him the courage to rant and rave about the court etc and then threaten all and sundry.

    Still he is being represented by that lunatic left wing lawyer, so the days at court should be entertaining :wink:
  4. Im looking forward to him naming names of US officials that he'll say he did business with in past years, hopefully dirt that the septics really dont want the world to know. :twisted: :twisted:
  5. I think the idea behind NOT having the trial live is to keep little faux pas like these from the public gaze... yes?
  6. BBC how right you are we wouldn't want the coallition with egg on faces agaian as per WMD.
    Good first post though
  7. Damn, I was looking forward to that part too.
  8. Good news just in.

    Saddam given death penalty

    Bad news just in.

    Beckham's taking it.

    ho hum.........