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What are they?
SNLR86 said:
B_AND_T said:
What are they?

I don't like him very much.
Surely he should be allowed to post on here though? It would be a boring place if we all agreed with each other. You ban him, you give him the oxygen of publicity. If you let him make his views known, counter with your own viewpoint and watch the targets fall. Dunno why this has popped up again, must be a slow news day. :roll:
Why are people starting yet another thread about it? Use the search button and simply add to the 101 threads already doing this to death.



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Read that link, why open yet ANOTHER thread?
SNLR86 said:
Is there anyone who doesn't share my views...?
Yeah, I bet I don't share your views about Irish Republicanism, Socialism, Maggie Thatcher and probably a whole shiteload of other subjects to boot, but I'd be glad to hear your opinions on them.

I also don't share KevinB's views about the IRA etc, but I'm willing to hear his arguments. Are you so intolerant that you're not?

This thread should be binned, really.


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