Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by TIGER-MONKEY, Jan 30, 2009.

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  1. I think ARRSE is great, but I have one issue with it.

    Why do we allow a person who knowingly and willingly raised money for IRA / SF to help pay the costs of murdering the mates of ARRSE members to be a member?

    I cannot believe we would find a fund raiser for al Qaeda to be acceptable, and I see no difference with regards to KevinB.

    If he was an ex German soldier who was against us and took his chances like everyone else then it would be different, but KevinB is someone who assisted in the mass murder of British citizens, and more importrtanly in ther context of this site, British soldiers.

    He willingly did all he could to help murder our mates, and yet for no reason that I can tell he is allowed to be a member of this site.

    Thought please.
  2. Bin him
    He has no place here.
  3. Im mixed on this one.
    Whilst i cannot condone what he did, and the results of his actions, indirect or not, i dont feel that he should be banned as a result, unless he chooses to throw it in peoples faces, which i havent seen any evidence of

    I think that as long as he chooses to add to threads constructivly, without any malice or hate then he should continue to be a member.
    If that changes, then he should be gone.
    I do feel a descision needs to be made one way or the other, fully involving him, led by the mods and the CO's, not by a lynch mob of the general users.
    What i dont want to see anymore is every thread he posts on turn into a hate campaign, which i have noticed lately, and has trashed what could have been some good threads. that should stop.

    my tuppence worth.
  4. Edited because I have said my bit already
  5. theres been threads on this before guys.

    and hes still here.

    my 2p's worth is I think its funny, that a plastic paddy (who hated the British soo much he actively supported a group that was killing more of their own people than the 'evil occupiers') has found a forum that gives him a level of debate and insight on affairs and topics that he can't find anywhere else. (KevinBs own words on why he posts here)

    and I mean thats funny as in the hypocritical sick perverted way.
  6. Leave him. he is just a sad pathetic nobody
  7. He is here for our enjoyment. To do with as we will. If we banned everybody we did not agree with then who the fcuck would we bait. I suspect that he is an IRA walt and therefore a tawt. A genuine real cnut. C'mon make the most or it, a real throbber. Nobody who matters gets hurt.
  8. I am sure there are hundreds of Arrsers whom we could all disagree with over a whole range of things, yet I know no others who willing raised money to help pay for the murder of us. I thinks that takes KevinB onto a whole different level.
  9. I totally empathise with your view, in fact I would suggest that a sizeable proportion of users on arrse have lost mates in NI (myself included)

    However, my view is we are fighting and dying for the right for everyone to express their views however distasteful those views are to us personally.

    mate, you can't pick and choose who can and can't post on here. That is playing directly into their hands, and legitimising their position. Do that at your peril.

    In my book, you keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.
  10. He annoys me too.
    In addition to supporting a terrorist organization, at least at some time in the past , he comes from the UK and is presumably a UK citizen, although dual UK/RoI is possible.

    As a septic sort, who has graciously been allowed membership in the forum by the British members, it really gets to me when he trys to expound about US politics, a subject on which he has limited understanding. From what he has said in the past he is not a US citizen and does not even have a "Green Card" (i.e. permanent resident status). Despite this his pretensions to knowlege of the US leads many to think he is from the US and he gets called a "Plastic Paddy Septic"


    Sorry for shouting, I had to get it out of my system after seeing so many threads fecked up by him.

    OK, I feel better now, my breathing is slower and my blood pressure is back to normal.
  11. Of course he is allowed his views, but does that mean this site has to accept him? There hare loads of IRA / SF supporters club sites for him to go and play with his own kind on.
  12. It has been on my mind from time to time, but as I did not serve in NI, I have felt that I should perhaps button my lip.

    I have been to Ireland several times and enjoyed each occasion and of course I served with lads in the 50s and 60s from both sides of the border and remember them with affection. I have been out since 1965 but will always align myself with the Army that I served in. It was an Army with many faults, but it was a fair Army. You did your Job and played straight with them and they did the same by you. By and large, fairness was extended as far as possible to the enemy, in my case Aden and the Shifta in Kenya.

    I have followed with great interest, many of the threads on Northern Ireland, and while I had great empathy for the lads serving there, to say that I can imagine the depths of your emotions on the subject would be arrogance. I simply was not there.

    I fail to understand why Kevin continues to post here, but he does and often his posts are rational and not confrontational. Do we really need to respond to his every utterance with hatred and vileness? It is almost like seeing the clips of the street graffiti sprayed around Belfast. I believe that we should not sink to that level. If you don't like him, ignore him, but I would like to see us at least be civil. Do we wish to entrench the hatred as well. Our children and grandchildren will inherit enough of our problems without adding this sort of bitterness. It really is ugly.

    The blokes that served there have the high ground on this in my estimation, but I sincerely hope that you will allow him to continue to post and treat him with the civility that he may not have shown to your comrades.

  13. To ignore him is tantamount to us saying that we are willing to accept him.

    People like him will never be acceptable in my view.

    There are millions of web sites in the world where filth like him can find a welcome, but there is only one Arrse.
  14. Very well put basso and yes I have served over there, if you don't like what he posts don't respond ..simple.
  15. So we should just sweep the fact that someone who actively assisted in the murder of British soldiers is an Arrser?

    Sorry that is not good enough - to me it smacks of appeasement.

    Government policy has been to let terrorists get away with mass murder, destroy the RUC etc, and now are considering giving terrorists a nice cash payout for their deaths. The public has no choice but to accept that.

    Just because in public life we have to accept evil men amongst us I see no reason why we should have to accept their supporters in our private entertainment.
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