Kevin Rudd - Smooth Operator, Smooooth Operat-oh-or

Kev's been at it again, sticking his geopolitical head above the parapet. BBC Linky

I'm tempted to believe he's attempting a spoiling attack. Beijing proposed an ASEAN Free-Trade area in 2004 and called for an EU-type East Asian Community complete with single currency to be established by 2020 - crucially without the US. Perhaps Kev thinks including the Yanks make it more acceptable to the Japanese and would strengthen the Anglosphere hand?
He's got big ideas but the more he runs around spouting off the less I think of him.

He seems to be forgetting his election promises while he is seduced by the world stage.
I agree the domestic side should be a premier's first priority, but I can't see Australia's interests being served by not getting into any East-Pacific settlement on the ground floor. Particularly if you have a chance to shape it.
I wonder if the liberals and the States have froze him out since election and he sees the International stage as an easier path.

His comments about Iraq recently showed him to be a bit of an idiot.
It wouldn't be unnatural, given his career history, to want a foot in the international arena - playing to ones strengths and all that. Does his Cabinet have people better at teh domestic front?*

*(For a given value of 'better', obviously)
Paul Keating, the last labor PM, in newspaper articles yesterday explained that the Dear Leader's ideas were basically stupid because there was no prospect of any country in the region surrendering any of its sovereignty, which is what the EU imvolves.


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He's not a million miles of the long term plan for the 'New World Order'.

He may be a gobshoit, and he may be presumptuous, but the truth of the matter is, the great, good, movers, shakers (the long term ones, not the five-minute PMs and politicos) would have the world seeking 'ever closer union' (heard that before?), until there is indeed one world gobment. It may be another 100 years and a world war in the making, but this is were the world is being pointed.

The EU is a work in progress after the success of the American civil war and subsequent reorganisation. Ever larger trading blocs is a step, as is ever closer political integration and union within those blocs.

Eventually, those blocs will get larger as individual nation states that have not signed up get frozen out, or forced to join. The threats to the UK regarding the EU is such an example, and the joining of all the Eastern European countries to the EU (by choice) is another - it was either that, or suffer from lack of access to the trading bloc and gravy train that is the EU.

It's a logical progression for Asia to do the same, and then grower ever larger.

When the regional trading and ruling blocs have been set up and stabilised, these trading blocs will then work ever closer with the other trading/political blocs until such a time as some 'bright spark' says "Do you know what? We have all these huge regional trading blocs, with their central governments and free trade, and it all seems to be working rather well, and the blocs all seem to be getting on rather well . . . . why don't we simply integrate all of them and unite the world, with free trade, unitary gobment and thus end world poverty (yeah right), and war?"

Feel free to don your tinfoil hat, but the writing is on the wall, and it's been there since long before the U.N. and the World Bank. Try looking around the period before WW1.
Alcan shares all round, then?

Personally, I reckon he's the one Australian politician who doesn't routinely forget the fact that they're a hell of a lot closer to Beijing, Seoul and Tokyo than they are to Washington or London.

It's not hard to see how Oz's interests lie in helping shape the political map of the West Pacific. China's interest is a different matter. Put plainly, they don't want an economic pissing contest with the Japs, they think the US is on it's last legs and they're trying to diffuse suspicion amongst their neighbours of the big kid in class by using the same tactic the US did post-WW2; tie themselves into supranational institutions that bind the big fish along with the small.

That makes it a good opportunity for any Aussie PM with nous to bend the twig that grows into the bough - if they grasp that opportunity, that is.

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