Kevin Rudd in China wins one for the Anglosphere!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by armchair_jihad, Apr 12, 2008.

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  1. I don’t know him, I have been sniffy about his prospects as I thought he was a typical Ozzie Labour type who would doom my Brothers (wisely) adopted Country.

    However Mr Rudd’s current performance in China has been nothing less than spectacular, he has wowed the Chinese and the internet is buzzing with Rudd inspired debate, mainly concerning his explanation, in Mandarin, of why the West was concerned about Tibet and China’s progress. He singlehandedly has managed to put a mass of negative debate in China about the Olympic Torch protests on to another more positive level.

    Compared to the ineptitude of PM brown on the Olympic / Tibet / rise of China issue, Kevin Rudd was a credit to Australia and more importantly the Anglosphere; as many Chinese tend (correctly) to think that Oz, NZ, US, Canada and long suffering Blighty are one extended family.

    So thanks Kev, I don’t know what you’re like in OZ but you’re the slickest Western Politician to work China to your Nations advantage I have ever seen.

    Greg Sheridan of the Australian newspaper puts it very well –,25197,23524628-7583,00.html

    Also the Chinese have decided to focus on blaming the French for the whole Olympic Torch thing –
  2. From that it does sound like he's pulled a proper flanker; is the script of the speech available online? I googled but couldn't see anything. Cyclops will be jealous! :wink:

    I may be being dim here, but what does that word mean? Is it an obscure australianism :?

    Editted: a quick google tells me it's aussie for p!ssed off.
  3. I missed that one, A_J, thanks for posting it. Rudd's just the right chap to deliver bitter medicine, his sinophile credentials are undisputable.
  4. I tell you carrots he really has done China and the World a service, its given the reform element much needed ammo against the resurgent hard liners.
  5. Despite the recent best efforts of our Swampy tendancy. :roll:

    'Beset on all sides by dangers and opportunities', springs to mind...
  6. Wow, just read the China Daily coverage of the speech. They really loved this bloke, even despite (or perhaps because of) his frankness on their internal order.

    If you find an English text of the full speech, could you put it up? I've found snippets so far, enough to make it look something special - Taoist metaphor, knowledge of Chinese culture and history, everything they've come to expect our politicians not to have.
  7. It always helps to speak to people in their own language; metaphorically as well as literally. Good on him.
  8. I'll try to find the full transcript for you chaps
  9. i met more anti brits than anglophiles in australia (they have a huge inferiority complex) so it's hard for me to give them credit...
  10. you should try NZ, even worse. :roll:
  11. Hi guys. Just dropped in as RumRation seems to be down (AGAIN). Must do their maintenance at oh three circle ringbolt.

    Ropeable is aussie slang for seething mad, i.e. in need of restraining.

    As for krudd - Laour love him, their first electable candidate for years. The other 66% of the masses see him as all style and no substance. Early days yet though so he might surprise. Til then I'm sticking with the majority.

    Yeah, most aussies hate poms but recently we're becoming the good guys - not everyone is in favour of multi-culturalism. Greeks, Lebs and Eye-ties are OK (apparently) but now they seem to be letting in everybody.