Kevin Pietersen has resigned

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Bumper, Jan 7, 2009.

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  1. LONDON, Jan 7, 2009 (AFP) - Kevin Pietersen has resigned as
    England captain after his relationship with team coach Peter Moores
    broke down, Sky News reported on Wednesday.
    Sky said Pietersen had stepped down after losing his power
    struggle with Moores, whom Pietersen believed lacked the tactical
    and technical know-how of a top international coach.

    oh dear.......
  2. Bring on the Ashes............
  3. Will he still be in the team? England seem to have fallen appart since the Stamford panto.
  4. try being radical next time & appoint an englishman to captain your team.
  5. Utter dog shite why has moores been allowed to remain in position. As well as no longer being Captain we will probably see one of the best cricketers we have no longer remain in the England set up through spite.
  6. well south africa certainly don't want him back.... he is a problem child. actually.... we have another problem child called Luke Watson... (the bloke who wanted to vomit on the Springbok etc etc) i'm sure that SA would be more than happy to hand him over to the UK....
  7. Moores has also resigned, according to the BBC.
  8. "No, I've resigned"...

    "I've resigned!"...

    "So's my wife..."

    Apologies to Spartacus...

    PS Is there any truth in the rumour Pietersen resigned because the management insisted team meetings be conducted in English?? i'll get my sweater, slipover and cap...
  9. Not to worry - he would have been crap anyway - always bottling it against the big boys so far ... talks a good game though.
  10. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    I think we did try to warn people he was a bit of a prat...
  11. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    I don't know why anyone thought Pieterson was ever going to be a good captain anyway. IMHO, his ego has always been on the large size and it has been proven here with the spoilt child approach he seems to have taken on this issue.

    A good average or public profile (Botham, Freddie - now that was a complete waste of time, Pieterson etc) does not make a good captain or motivator, proven again and again over the years. England has been at its best when they have selected a leader first.

    England should find a leader that other players respect for his ability to lead first then worry about his contribution. The three most successful captains in the last 25 years were picked that way- Vaughn, Hussein and Brearley. Vaughn came with added ability that he could score runs.
  12. He'll be back... the young buck needs his fur stroked... youthful pique... talent like his needs lovey treatment but give him his head ... let him balls up and let him learn...

    I'd demand Vaughan too, just for his field placing brain...
  13. Oh! I wish I was as 'useless' at batting as Pietersen. I would give one of my prize boll*cks to be half as good!

    Can't hack it against the 'big boys'? I suppose not. Against Australia - are they big enough? - in twenty innings he scored six fifties and two hundreds - effing hopeless! Against Australia he has scored 963 runs at an average of 53.5 - not only hopeless but an effing disgrace! :)

    15 Test 100s - 11 Test 50s.

    He may have a big mouth, he may call a spade an effing shovel and he may want to kick arse, but arses need kicking (Harmison, Bell, Cook in the field, Panesar and especially Prior). As for his 'nationality', I couldn't give a damn were he Nicaraguan or North Korean - he was playing for England - end of!

    Clearly he failed to lick enough arses of the 'overcoated old farts' who run cricket as though it was an Inter-House competition.

    Off to India KP - earn some money - qualify for the Indian side and come over here and score thousands against England!!!!!
  14. A sad day indeed for English football... :cry: