Kevin Crilly cleared of Captain Robert Nairac murder

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by singha61, Apr 1, 2011.

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  1. BBC 1st April
    A County Armagh man has been cleared of the murder of undercover soldier Captain Robert Nairac 33 years ago.

    Kevin Crilly, 60, from Lowerfoughill Road, Jonesborough, was accused of the murder of Captain Nairac between 13 and 16 May 1977.

    The undercover soldier was abducted from a bar at Drumintee in south Armagh in May 1977 before being killed.

    On Friday, a judge at Belfast Crown Court cleared Mr Crilly of involvement in the murder.

    As well as the murder charge, Mr Crilly was cleared of four other charges, including kidnapping and false imprisonment.

    BBC News - Kevin Crilly cleared of Captain Robert Nairac murder
  2. That may be so, but Capt Nairac's ( RIP) case file is very much active, albeit in the hands of PSNI's historic crimes team. To misappropriate a PIRA saying - " It hasn't gone away ye'know".
  3. HHH

    HHH LE

    What is your opinion of the chances of someone else being charged in connection with this case.
    Mine is that it's highly unlikely due to several reasons.
    The political will is not there.
    The length of time that has elapsed since the murder.
    The lack of funds for the HET to pursue cases.
    The lack of forensics & witnesses.

    Also I think Crilly was only charged due to the Spotlight investigations which put the case back into public view.
  4. It may well be that it's highly unlikely that anyone else will be brought to justice, but there is always a chance.

  5. The case will remain on file as long as a Nairc family member wishes it to be so. When I last looked, it was Bob's sister. Your points are well made. The RUC / PSNI already know the players involved in this heinous affair. It may yet fail to reach a courtroom but I live in hope as well. I surmise that the murderers will contact the family to ask for forgiveness. Implausible? Up until her death, I was in regular touch with a lady whose son was brutilised and subsequently murdered by PIRA, she had a telephone call from her son's killer asking for forgiveness. You just never know. Anyway, they'll stand before their God and that's the judgement that really matters.
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  6. Just heard this on the radio and looked up the News. Definitely involved but apparently "not enough evidence". Was confusing this with Westmacott / Ormeau Road. Well, three down, hopefully one more down the line. How many of us read up on this in the Province afterwards or knew someone who went walkies with a beard and an accent?

    Whether this should be said or not, but fcuk it anyway, Nairac, balls of steel and just one of the admirable nutjobs that stuck their neck out. No offence.
  7. HHH

    HHH LE

    Your comment about the RUC/PSNI is so true,not only in this case,but in lots of the other cases as well,and they too will probably never end up in prosecution,unfortunately.There are so many families of victims who will never see justice for their loved ones,but as you say we can only live in hope. One very good thing about the HET is that they give the families a report of their investigations,even if no prosecution occurs,which can help the families find some answers to what happened to their loved ones.How long this will last, no one is sure, as funding for the HET was due to end this month,but it has now got a two year reprieve.

    For anyone interested here is a link to the HET website :
    Introduction from the Chief Constable | Police Service of Northern Ireland

    And this link about the funding of HET :
    Historical Enquiries Team probing Troubles murders wins reprieve - Northern Ireland, Local & National -
  8. I once encountered a Them in NI who had been given the kicking of his life by a Marine Patrol who carried out a stop and search on a "boggie" and found a weapon. He was lucky to survive.
  9. On the meths at 08:44? Or has Tropper hijacked your account?

    Either way, your post wins the "Full of Shit" award for 2011. Now toodle off and take your head for a wobble.
  10. If he had been found guilty, would he be immediately released under the terms of the good friday agreement?
  11. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    Not words I ever heard a lot of 'Man from South Armagh found Not Guilty' and he probably would have been straight out after the GFA.
  12. Of course you'd know wouldn't you? Instead of making sweeping statements of which you haven't a clue why don't you take a moment to think that maybe such an event did happen. So instead of being a boorish, insufferable oaf why don't you keep your ignorance to yourself and your immediate family who can, presumably tolerate you.
    I'm obviously not going to quote dates and units involved because, even at this distance it is not right that I should do so. This is an incident that happened. NO meths and no Tropper, just evidently outside your scope of comprehension.
  13. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    79/80 During a period of learning to talk incredibly slowly so the English had some sort of clue as to what I was talking about. I was approached by a person and asked if I fancied a pint. He asked about where I was from, what I was doing there (nothing more than SB used to do as I got off the Liverpool boat) and asked if I had ever heard of someone called Nairac. This was new. It turned out that he too was from Ampleforth. I told him what an amazingly pretty place South Armagh is in spring and summer. Dredged up what I could remember on the Nairac tale. I also sat there transfixed as he merrily (and a heck of a nice guy) chatted away. Thinking that if this or anything like him turned up anywhere outside Lisburn or the Culloden hotel he would get a second look as in 'WTF planet is he from'?
    Still to this day I wonder about Nairac (and his sanity) claiming to be a sticky (from somewhere like Ardoyne. where they were thin on the ground) and sitting in a pub in South Armagh. Even yet there are large lumps of this province where I would rather not spend a saturday night especially where drink was flowing. Nairac without doubt a strange one. And one I would still like to be around to hear the full story about.
  14. Markintime's anecdote was wholly in the context of this thread, it's not beyond belief and wouldn't be the worst example. Neither would bumping in to all sorts of people in the Province be unusual, out on the ground. First hand experience does not a walt, make. Just saying.
  15. Markintime's "anecdote" is not in the context of this thread. How is a bullshit tale told to a gullible recruit about an incident which never happened germane to the very real instance of a brave (but foolhardy) Guard's officer being murdered by the IRA? If the tale had been about him on a VCP and stopping either soldiers on special duties or some scrotes implicated in the murder of Capt Nairac and having to let them go/give them a good kicking then it would have been within the context of this thread.

    However the skiplicker was just spouting bullshit. If you believe his story then I have some Nigerian friends who are waiting to give you 204,435,245 USD in used notes if you can help them get it out of Africa for them.