Kevin B overspill and dribble

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by TwentyBandH, Dec 7, 2008.

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  1. Who are the "RA" ? there is no such thing as the Republican Army, there is however a terrorist group known as the IRA.

    It's like you were trying to make a terrorist group sound like a legitimate Army.
  2. No, it is not. As I said, I was not privy to such info in any detail, but I know that some of the money did go to community based work in republican areas, and some no doubt went towards ops against security forces, RUC, political enemies etc.

    The overall goal was one I believed in, if not always the way tactics were implemented.
  3. So you blindly raised money in the belief it would only be used for good things?
    You lived in Northern Ireland, you were/are involved with Sinn Fein but claim to have believed the money was for nice things?
  4. Did I say that? No.
    I said that I know some of it did go to helping our communities, some went towards ops against security forces, and some towards ops that I didn't condone.
  5. Serious question : What have you learnt ?
  6. I think this will be one of those sticking points. I believe that collecting money knowing that, as you said, that some of it would go towards "ops" and having seen the PIRA "Doctrine", you are condoning the "Doctrine" and therefore condoning the murders. But I guess we will always disagree on that one.

    One question I have asked a few times, yet no one has yet seen fit to answer is - Did the end justify the means? Was it, in your opinion, worth it?

    Also if I may, I would be interested in knowing if attitudes towards you changed following 9/11?
  7. In a nut shell You knew that the IRA would use some of your money to kill innocent men, women and children and you still kept on giving money and aid.

    I don't have to call you names because what you are is revealed in that answer above.
  8. I wish things could have been different - I wish the civil rights movement in the sixties had been successful, but it was not - and I cannot describe to you in words the hatred and the violence it caused against us - those dirty taigs daring to want a say in things. Maybe if there had been an exceptional person, as Gandhi, to lead us, it could have been different.

    So, on the whole, yes, I do think it was worth it - that the end did justify the means. I would have done some things differently, but had no input, being only political.

    Well, many Americans still give to Cairde Sinn Féin, if that answers your question.
  9. That certain people can post sensibly and provoke thought, this thread alone has seen me receive 12 PMs to press saying they are chuffed its being discussed in such a manner.

    Some are just parrots repeat the same shite we don't want / need to hear, but despite the being asked not to, for just one thread they can't help themselves.
  10. He'd have looked a fcuker trotting over the fields of South Armagh with flip flops and an Armalite. :D
  11. KevinB........ serious question, how do you view Martin Mcguiness and Gerry Adams?
  12. Don't believe all you've heard about Gandhi:
  13. Well, at least you have been honest. I personally believe that you are just as guilty as any of the cowards who planted the bombs. If you believe that the murder of passers by in Warrington was worth it, then it contradicts most of what you have written before. You saying "I had no input, is no different to the the Nazi "I was only following orders." A united Ireland doesn't exist, and I don't believe it ever will.
  14. I am more familiar with Martin McGuinness' rep being from Derry. He is known as a ruthless operator whom you do not want to ever cross, a man utterly and fanatically dedicated to the cause, despite foolish rumours of him being a tout.

    Adams is the brains behind it all though. Without Gerry, we would not sit at Stormont today.
  15. How do you feel about them being Murderers and ordering the murders of civilians when serving as Brigade commanders?