Anyone tried them?

Apparently, Spetsnaz swear by them. I know Russian SFs tactical ability is questionable, but they are undoubtedly, "'ard as nails".
A lad i work with swears by them.He has a couple of sizes and can get a full work out with them.
He uses them Offshore on the rigs, Its one of the old style rigs so doesnt have a gym onboard. He says kettle bells are the easiest way to get a full workout without needing all the gym equipment, They are bloody heavy though


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If I remember rightly these were used in the1920/30 they have been refined.
I’m not to sure on the extra wrist strain though; however I can see the extra range of movement these can offer.

Give them ago, there’s always space in the cupboard for unused boy’s toys

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Has anyone else used these? Lots of people are raving about them at the minute but are they any good?
Guy at our gym swears by them and I watched him putting a few people through their paces...looks like a good and complete workout.

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