Kettlebells circuit in a weight lifting routine?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Robp85, Jul 17, 2011.

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  1. Currently using wendlers 5/3/1 4 days per week finished month 3. Gym pti gave me a routine consisting various kettlebell exercises with 1 legged squats with weight, box jumps, lunges (where you bounce into each) and a viper exercise. He said to do this 2x per week and continue my weight routine for other 2 days but 5/3/1 on 2 days wont work will it? Would any other structured routine work with it better for just 2 days per week lifting? Goals are strength/fitness not bulk/toning/fat loss
  2. Yes, 5/3/1 will work very well as a two day split. There are some ridiculously strong people who "only" Lift twice a week. Wendler himself trains twice a week with free weights and another three days doing conditioning training, such as Hill Sprints.
  3. Great read more into it and the options going to do everything as normal but no deload or 4 lifts a week just 2 on a split with my 2 kettlebell circuits twice a week.

    Would 2 runs a week be sufficient with the kettlebell training or keep 3? Preparing for army basic training btw.
  4. Run as much as you can without injuring yourself. Also do some fast hikes with weight on your back - build up gradually to about 15 kilos. If you live near the countryside start using an OS map and a compass when you go out walking. If you can do a 30 mile hike across rough country in a day you'll be very well set up for basic training.

    Expect to do a lot of cross country runs and runs with weight in basic. The gym work will mainly be circuit training that combines various exercises like push ups, sit ups etc. with shuttle runs and sprints; all done under pressure. I doubt if you'll do many strength exercises with kettle bells or free weights.