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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Pacifist_Jihadist, Dec 4, 2008.

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  1. Can anybody point me in the direction of the best price for a 20Kg kettlebell? The prices im finding around around £60+ inc p&p, ive found it cheaper but not in stock till mid January. Thanks.
  2. Oddly Argos stocks them sometimes, but they're pretty low quality.

    Otherwise E-bay has had them up now and again, i've been fairly unlucky finding a site that offers consistent cheap prices aswell.
  3. Just done some more hunting and found these £42.47 with free P&P and £33.90 plus £9.99P&P. So ill go for one of them unless somebody knows of somewhere around the same price of better and can vouch for quality, but then again how hard is it to make a lump of iron with a handle?
  4. A bike lock and weight plates are a much cheaper alternative and you can vary the load without buying a whole new kettlebell
  5. But then you have loose weights flapping about, not exactly keep on that when im doing high pulls with it. Also the weight discs cost just as much as the kettlebell.

    Edit to add - Im also not keen on a cheap as chips lock taking the strain of swinging 20Kg about at arms length.
  6. You use coasters to take up the slack. Foam usually does the trick, although not from personal experience.

    Weight discs are no way near as expensive as a kettlebell, plus you can adjust discs, but a kettlebell you'll have to buy a whole new sets for an adjustment.

    A £5 bike lock last a surprisingly long amount of time, although a bit less should you start throwing it.

    An alternative;
  7. And the chances of the bike lock giving away mid swing sending 20kg flying through the air and landing in my telly or stereo?

    Also as seen here 4x5Kb discs are nearly £40. The kettlebell is cheaper, and thats not including one lock never mind multiple from wear and tear. Plus i dont exactly have a pile of loose plumbing laying around, which again would cost more. Nice idea but just not practical for me.
  8. Try these:

    Not a bad standard and really cheap. Ive been doing kettlebell training for a while now and the are the dogs. If you want any more advice drop me a pm.

    I also have one of these for when I am on the move.
  9. Thanks M2G. Id found them on the cheapest on newitts but they had sold out by the time i got the finger out. And ill happily add my praise to the things, only been using them once or twice a week for a few months at my MMA class and have had big improvements. Time to get my own and get massive!
  10. EBay had some for about £40, also saw some in John Lewis knocked down to £35.
  11. Just don;t go to Newitts, their quality has got shite, there is a difference in products out ther but going cheap is not the best way to buy, bad fininish, two peice bells and handle, shop around is my advice.

    I now have to eat my words, as Newitts have given me a replacement KB and am waiting a refund. Fair play. Their service is really good,just wasn't what I was expecting as I have had 5 from them in the past and they now obviously have a new supplier which make a cheaper cast.
    As a foot note the KB should be one piece and round.