Kettlebells and Medicine Balls

I want to do a bit more core training and want to buy something versatile that can be used for a variety of exercises. I have dumbells but it's a pain keeping them secure if I'm doing tricep exercises etc. Not sure whether to stump up for those nice medicine balls with the handle grips (see below), or something different.

I see Tesco are selling a 7.5kg kettlebell for £19.99 which looks pretty useful. Also, I was in the gym the other day and I noticed that there are new Powerbag weight things in there. They look really good but bloody expensive.

Any recommendation?


Can't coment on the kettle bell things, but powerbags are good pieces of kit if you are trying to develop explosive strength. The hassle is you need a range of sizes and there is a reason why they are so expensive; tried using some copies and they disintegrated pretty rapidly. Stiching gave way and the skins ripped.

Find someone who has been taught to use them and do a couple of sessions, technique is everything.
I have been a user of kettlebells for 3 years now and they are a great bit of kit, not the be all and end all like some people think they are but they are certainly a good tool. If you are a relatively strong fit bloke I would recommend starting with a 16kg which will feel heavy at first but you soon be man handling it and will want to go heavier. Depending on your routine, your core strength should improve dramatically, as should your general fitness. If you have any more questions please feel free to ask me.

A good start to KB trg is the kettlebell bible by stan pike, or even the multitude of youtube videos that are available.

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