Kettle bells/weights.

Still having trouble with a shoulder injury for 2 years now.

Physio suggested getting a set of kettle weights ( light to start with ) to work on the mobility of the joints.

Has anyone used these things before, from what I can see they appear to be a cannonball with a handle on it that you sort of swing about?
I've used them, though to be honest I prefer Barbells. They are quite good for developing strength endurance, so they are popular with martial artists. But there is a lot of hype about them.

Unless your physio has prescribed specific exercises for you, get a qualified instructor to show you how to use KB's. They are, indeed, a cannonball with a handle attached and are difficult to balance; that's the whole point.

Good luck.

Oh, and they are not the cheapest pieces of kit. I'd advise you to join a gym that has kettlebells and an instructor who knows how to use them.

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