Kerbside cat

Serves: 2

Kerbside Cat Ingredients

1 Cat
3 Strips bacon
0 Salt and pepper

Recipe Instructions

Skin and clean Tiddles like you would a squirrel. Stuff the cavity with dressing and tie front legs back and back legs forward. Lay breast down in a low baking pan, uncovered, with bacon strips across back. Season with salt and pepper. Roast at 325F. for one hour, remove and make gravy from drippings. As you dig in, recall all the midnight howling and torn bin bags.
NOTE: A roadside shopper has to move fast on these as cat owners miss their tabby all too quickly and will want to bury them in some fancy pet cemetry with all their limbs intact. If you're quick with a blade, it's really
simple to skin "Tiddles" on the spot and leave its best suit close by, causing Miss Marple to think her baby has just been scared out of her ninth life and will soon return to share the next bowl of
Suggestion: just for a bit of variety you could try adding a good orange or chestnut stuffing before roasting, then make a matching gravy.
sphynx's are good because they come preskinned (and no worrying about lumps of fur) but much more difficult to obtain
General Gau's Cat can be tasty.
There was a restaurant I used to go to in the Chinatown area of Boston,MA (US).

I did not go there after it was raided jointly by the health inspectors and the enforcement officers of the MSPCA but the fridge was full of cat carcases. They did make a tasty General Gau's though and I recall some nice moo shi too.

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