Kept waiting for FTRS post

I have been waiting for several months for an FTRS post, the application went in in July. A process which is supposed to take around six weeks (guideline) will have taken around six months by the time I have been to RTMC (course starts Jan 8th).

Delays, ineptitude and apathy by MCM AMS and FTRS combined with lack of places on FTRS courses at RTMC have led to long delays.

The unit has been very good and taken me on OPTAG with them even asked RTMC to allow me to undertake MATT's with their regt training team rather than wait for a course at RTMC. But permission for this was denied (by Land??), I have to wait till January.

I have been kept waiting months between finishing my post mobilisation leave. No civvi employer would touch me because I was waiting to undertake FTRS and I was never sure how long I would have to wait for.

Would it be right to withdraw my application and take a civvi job since the army has been buggering me about?

No chance, get your PSAO to chase this through the FTRS cell at Glasgow, if you dont get any joy there then ring the J1 cell at RTMC and get them to see what is going on
Done that. First MCM DIV advertised on the FTRS list (and stil is) for jobs that don't exist in units which don't exist, FTRS at Glasgow forgot to process the paperwork (they said it was lost) when MCM did find a post and now RTMC dont have a vacancy on a course until Jan 8th.

I am desperate, the unit I was headed for is desperate.

Ther regt trg team whi8ch is constantly training regular soldiers for deployment has been told that they cannot train me since only RTMC is capable of doing this. Does this mean the regulars are getting sub standard training?

I have a bit of TA pay coming but its not enough to live on, if I sack the FTRS I could probably find a job within a week. Waiting till january will be very difficult given the long wait I have already been forced into.

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