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  1. Hi there,

    I'm on a course down in Keogh for a few weeks next month, never been before. Any tips from the top on what its like?

    Does it have a decent gym?
    Is it Pay as you Dine?

    i'm aware this question may have been posted many times before, but i honestly can't be arrsed to look as im a tad busy (weird for a friday)..

    Thanks in advance.

    Miss A.
  2. and the answer has been said many times before so I cannot be arsed to tell you. :wink:

    Phredd (IDK)
  3. well why don't you look when you are not tired, just a suggestion!! 8O
  4. Gym is not bad.
    Not pay as you dine until next year.

    The JR's and Sgt's mess accommodation is pretty poor but if you're only there for a few weeks it should not be too bad.
  5. You can't be arrsed.

    It would take less time to type Keogh in the search box than type your post.
  6. I don't think Carlsberg do 'Barracks'................if they did it wouldn't be like this one!!!!!

    It's a utopian paradise.............
  7. If you're a looker, my nest maybe worth a visit...... :wink:
  8. Its a dump! Cant wait for it to be knocked down!

    It would be an improvement!!
  9. Well, my general lack of arrse seems to have paid off and i have the answers i needed, so thankyou those who replied.
    I am not as busy today so maybe i might just have a little search too...

    Crikey, i plainly said i couldnt be arrsed yet you still come and bite me in the arrse by giving some wise crack remark, when it probably would have been just as easy to answer my question or not write anything at all! so neerrrR!

    However, thank you to those of you that did answer.

    have a nice day, enjoy the sunshine!
  10. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    This is ARRSE, some of the posts will have some veiled humour or some inter-job rivalry, orjust blatant "un-niceness"

    The knowledge base is great so dont forget to use it again if you require!
  11. If you need to know what an ODP keeps in his trousers please feel free to ask.
  12. oh pray do tell??! what ever could it be??
  13. A pen.

    Does the A in miss_A stand for ****?
  14. Not that im aware of, some may think otherwise?!
  15. I have a pair of scissors and the keys to my office and my locker, now the contents of my pants are a different matter!