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  1. starting my envoirmental health tech course soon at keogh as a phase 3 student whats the place like :?
  2. Just keep away from that WO1 and Major who run the Corps football team,and don't buy them any beer,it will just ruin your day.
  3. Tri-Service = shite
  4. Stay away from the CC phase 2 recruits, they will get you in deep shite.

    Stay away from the RAF folk as they will get you in deep shite.

    Stay away from the Navy folk they will get you in deep shite.

    Stay away from keogh Bks at the weekend as it is shite.

    Other than that, have a great course and best of luck...:)
  5. Sorry, wrote a nice, long, detailed response only for ARRSE to fcuking crash and lose it all.

    Anyway, try to ignore the whingeing b*astards above. The EHT course is a good one - very demanding! You'll be expected to show a deal more maturity and responsibility than your trainee-CMT colleagues, as your chosen trade brings faster promotion. In fact, you'll probably get your first stripe before you complete your Class 1 trg.

    The accommodation at Keogh leave a little to be desired, but other places are worse and it's what you make of it. Food's alright. The facilities are good, though, witha great gym, massive trg area on the doorstep for running on, lake for fishing and kayaking, squash and tennis courts and a good size sports hall. There's also a good academic library, a well-run WRVS suite and a free Internet suite (it's got CCTV, though, so be careful what you look at!!).

    Have fun. Work hard.

  6. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    This is not winging, keep away from the lake, or you will have diseases you can study during your course!
  7. Go in Mychett lake and you'll come out with some wonderful new diseases.That place used to be more toxic than chernobyl!!!
  8. Good luck on the course. Your OC and SMI are top blokes, as are most of the instructors. If you are who I think you are, then its better than being a sig!!!

    Remember to call or pm me if you need anything
  9. Same rumours doing the rounds at Gib Bks about Hawley lake, which are completely untrue as well. If it's that much of a bio-hazard or toxic why is is teeming with fish ???!!! We are talking about Mychett lake that's connected to the canal ?

    Then again, you lot don't even know the market value of the real estate you're sat on, so I wouldn't expect any accurate comments about water safety either ... :)
  10. Just the odd touch of leptospirosis (Wiel's disease). Nothing a robust course of antibiotics couldn't shift.