Keogh for sale.

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by smithy749, May 7, 2006.

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  1. Just reading my Hants and Surrey Star(free paper) and it is telling me the MOD has told the unelected South East England regional assembly it is looking to sell off unwanted land to the highest bidder and Keogh is "unwanted" land.
    Now where is the home of the RAMC!!!!

    We should insist on a silver bumper being sited at the site of the guard room!! For the sprogs and good boys amongst you ask a soldier what Im on about!!
  2. Ok, let's have a whip 'round!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I will collect the cash, we will buy the thing and turn it into a Hospital similar to RH Chelsea but for the RAMC!

    Send to "<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<The Orange Bear looking thing with kermit, HQ AMS, Camberley, Surrey
  3. changed your mind now?

  4. The land can only be develo[ped if the guttering and lead piping on the roof of Sandhurst block is retained in its exact location as they are listed, so I'm told.

    So the only way to build on it is to construct something a similar size or shape to Sandhurst block.

    Crezeh, eh?
  5. i'm sure they could fit shed loads of imigrants into Sandhurst Block. As this seems to be the way ahead with lots of ex forces Bks, so why should Keough be any diffrent!

  6. Sandhurst block might need a bit of refurbishment before they allow imigrants to live there :D
  7. I can't belive we spend all that money on expanding and updating the place just to get rid of it, must sau thanks to the 'Purple Machine' for it's demise. I can remember Filbert boots, Locker, Bedding, Bed and nearly Filbert flying out of the top floor window of Sandhurst Block......... Oh those heady days :lol:
  8. Fair point Tech x3. I forgot that they get better living conditions than us!
  9. I had the unfortunate pleasure of staying in the transit Accn in SB a wee while ago, the place is a pigsty......
  10. sounds like it needs an in-night!!
  11. Sandhurst block covers about 1% of the land-what about the rugby fields, qtr areas, gym areas etc. That's a massive camp. The developers will take the hit on Sandhurst block and probably turn it into flats. The rest of the land will have 1000's of houses on it. The infrastructure of the roads outside the camp will be tested I suspect.
  12. Well there is rather a lot of land to build roads on too.

    I thought the idea was to partly sell off the land, not Keogh in toto. Didn't a certain local Publican and raconteur express an interest?
  13. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    So there will be apartments shaped like a Sandhurst Block! Not very appealling in $hithole like Ash Vale or Aldershot, both locales gone down the pan.
  14. They built a load of apartment blocks on the site of Alma & Dettington Barracks in nearby Deepcut, and they all sold out even before they were finished, and the local is even worse than Ash Vale! There is also talk about the Princess Royal Barracks at Deepcut being sold for development! The MoD want rid of the name and all that now goes with it! At least Ash ranges were meant to have live firring!! With some road improvments linking the area better to the M3 house prices would rocket......
  15. You're joking aren't you ?! Look at the location of Keogh Bks, less than 30 mins from Clapham Junction and it's got it's own train station just out of the back at Ash Vale.

    Any developer involved there will make a packet, I'm surprised it's not been sold already. Obviously the local facilities and roads, etc will be improved as part of any development. The type of person who will be attracted to live there will be shopping in Guildford rather than the Shot or Farnborough, walking the black labs in Pirbright Village, etc.

    Probably way out of our price brackets ... :roll: :oops: