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  1. I read on another site that keogh is about to be sold to a developer.

    What's the story.
  2. Not sure what the disposal plan is for Keogh, but the DMSTC is moving to Whittington Barracks near Litchfield
  3. Good riddence, sh1t hole.
  4. I remember basic at Whittingdon, this is basically just moving from one dump to another.
  5. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Another Tescos in the making!
  6. Rumour has it that Potter has made a bid and is strong-arming his contacts in Surrey Council to approve his application to turn it into a housing development.

    Fcuking waste in my opinion. The accommodation may be sh*t, but the site, facilities and location are ideal for purpose. The move is a sop to political pressure to drive Army bases futher north, when a decent cash injection could have made Keogh an outstanding facility. Q.v. old episodes of "Yes, Prime Minister": ars est celare artum.

  7. Harry?

    Prime real estate, bound to happen, although personnally i think the DMS will move out and another Military unit will move in, a cav unit for instance, loads of field space for galloping and frollicking. (time to lie down)
  8. The future of Keogh, Haslar and Fort Blockhouse are all linked to the "Grand Plan" much talked about in the hallowed halls of DMETA HQ. However whilst always keen to sell off the "family silver" ASAP it would appear that there are a number of problems with the rush to move everyone to the midlands for example where are they going to live? Ultimately the cheapest option will win though! :lol:
  9. When it goes I am going to put a bid in to buy the fruit machine from the sergeants mess, b astard thing took most of my wages every time I had the misfortune to be sent to the sh1te hole.
  10. MM, I remember a certain RSM who would take the leads with him if he didn't win on the night, get some more change the next day and continue until he dropped the jackpot. Sh-thouse.
  11. Update:

    I did a bit of digging with some old contacts and I trust the source: no official decision has been made on the move of DMSTC. The move to the Midlands is on the cards as the "preferred option" but still has to pass muster with the finance geeks. Staying at Keogh is still an option that stays on the table, and I'm told that there are two or maybe even three other "solutions" being considered but those are being kept close to the chests of those in Main Building.

    The future of Keogh Barracks will not even be discussed until the issue of DMSTC has been determined.

    Is this the "party line"? Yup. But that doesn't mean it isn't true.

  12. Just like the selling off, of Millbank.........I hope all those bean pushing bast*rds rot in hell e.g. posted to Aldershot for the rest of their careers. I'd like to weeve in the selling off, of MQs, into this thread........but don't get me started about DHE!! $%%^&$£
  13. Sad maybe... But, some of my best memories are from Keogh Barracks as a Brat; good people, excellent instructors and solid foundation to enter into adult service. Where's it all gone? Equally, some of my worst memories too arise from there; JMQC, SMQC etc... By the way, do we have a training centre for the AMS? Just thought I'd ask.
  14. What, like the AMS Training Centre? In York?

  15. York is hardly the same as what some of us might consider an RAMC Training Centre. AMSTC is for collective, pre deployment and TA training.

    Its not for Phase 2 Training and there is as far as Im aware there's no holding facility for soldiers awaiting training. I could go on but your probably already asleep...