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Keo in Tesco's

Never think that anything drunk on a sun-soaked beach with a topless Swedish tourist bird lying next to you is going to work the same magic in Bromsgrove.
There's only ever been two occasions in 20 yrs since I got married that I've hueyed after a serious beer session, and both of those have been in Cyprus on Keo.

I'll give it a miss if you don't mind
Ah yes , a beer judged unfit for human consumption...............................by Canadian standards anyway
Remember taking over the Force Reserve jobby, took over the Sqn bar, had a choice of Keo or Carly, everyone went for Carly. Second day there had a visit from the Cancon MO....blah blah VD blah blah, don't touch the Keo, Carlesberg have just opened a new brewery...blah blah. Lecture over, back to bar Vox Pop "...gimme a Keo..."

Fancy telling the coarse and licentious soldiery what to drink!!
Well they haven't got in in Tescos Tiverton and I'm fucked if I'm going up to Bellshill on the off chance they have the carbonated piss there!

Edited to add; When you have Exmoor Ales, Otter and Cotleigh on your doorstep you're spoilt.
It didn't matter if you chose Keo or Carlsberg. Carslberg was just KEO in a Carlsberg bottle.

Probably the best beer in Cyprus.
My choice, if there was one, was Efes.

Carlsberg was absolutely awful, headache inducing chemical rubbish and nowt lkike the proper stuff.
Or so my mates from DanCon told me, the next morning. Basterds.. !

Keo was OK, though.

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