Keo in Tesco's

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by brettarider, Dec 21, 2012.

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  1. Just a heads up for those that are looking for it Tesco's have got it in stock for £1.50 a bottle just now.
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  2. Never think that anything drunk on a sun-soaked beach with a topless Swedish tourist bird lying next to you is going to work the same magic in Bromsgrove.
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  3. That's it...just ruin it for us!....:p
  4. Which one? Irvine or Yours
  5. There's only ever been two occasions in 20 yrs since I got married that I've hueyed after a serious beer session, and both of those have been in Cyprus on Keo.

    I'll give it a miss if you don't mind
  6. It was in Bellshill which is an extra store ....same as Irvine so should be there as well
  7. Ok, sometimes its store specific
  8. Oh they also had Warsteiner and Veltin
  9. Does it come with the small pieces of glass in the bottom?

    Filfar chasers followed by several hours of incoherent stuttering...
  10. I want some of this stuff, don't know if it tastes any good but the branding and name is class

  11. X59

    X59 LE

    Swedish birds love Cyprus.
  12. Well not all of them obviously.
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  13. Ah yes , a beer judged unfit for human Canadian standards anyway
  14. Remember taking over the Force Reserve jobby, took over the Sqn bar, had a choice of Keo or Carly, everyone went for Carly. Second day there had a visit from the Cancon MO....blah blah VD blah blah, don't touch the Keo, Carlesberg have just opened a new brewery...blah blah. Lecture over, back to bar Vox Pop "...gimme a Keo..."

    Fancy telling the coarse and licentious soldiery what to drink!!
  15. Did you forget to mention the hairy Cypriot girl on the other side ?