Kenyan Situation

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by kc1982kc, Jan 2, 2008.

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  1. The Kenyan election riots is all over the news does anyone have any insight on the current situation and what effects it would have on the way we work over there eg , grand prix etc etc

    Your views would be appriciated
  2. What a complete surprise to see black Africans killing each other! 8O

    I would imagine any troop movements to Archers Post will have to be armed. Not all the country is in uprising.
  3. ha ha how fun , theres a rally for the opposition party 2moro with 1 million expected to attend if that go,s tits up it might spread ? but hopefully not
  4. None I expect, except that they may turn into a bigger humanitarian event than previously. Either that or they'll be given blue hats and told to keep the peace. :roll:
  5. Oh how fun that would be a 6 week EX turning into a 6 month OP .
  6. another prime un posting on the cards then....
    never wanted a safari holiday anyways..
  7. BATUK might be uprooted from its slumber to actually, er, do something?
  8. Same sh*te, different day! :wink:
  9. Given Kahawa Barracks is right down the road from a location Time Magazine once described as "the fourth most dangerous place in the world," I imagine there might be some trouble coming your way...
  10. Apart from going into OOB Nairobi and having a tour 'girlfriend'?
  11. Only the fourth most dangerous - wimps! :wink:
  12. Hopefully it catches up with the wood carving bloke called 'Terry Wogan', barsteward ripped me off last time I was there.
  13. Its getting even better , theres me thinking a few live firing attacks bust , plenty of dancing kit for AT and maybe a STD . buckshee stuff f*$%^d up there haha
  14. And how many different tribes is there ?

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  15. Too many, and they all hate each other. At the end of the day the alleged 'rigged' election was just an excuse to kill each other. If that hadn't happened something else would have triggered it. :roll: