Kenyan 'invasion' of Somalia



I'm surprised it's taken this long for something to happen. Whilst on Grand Prix a few years ago the BATUK YofS expressed his concern over the fact that we train so close to the Somalian border.

Can't see them getting the hostages back, certainly not unharmed.

Kenyans a little bit embarassed by recent events and need to be seen to be doing something: OP LOOKBUSY. They'll be back across the border in a day or two (if not already). This is a PR exercise and nothing more.
Instant Sunshine ? That would really mess up the Safari business.

Whats actually on offer here is the potential to really expand the Safari thing, in the same style as the Croats when selling sniping weekends to german tourists back in the day - a weekend above Sarajevo, loan of a Dragunov if you can't bring your own .308.

The modern version could be a Luxury, all catered "raid" with ample opportunity to blatter a Technical.... " Bearer, pass me the Javelin".
Purloined from the Telegraph...

Kenya sends its forces into Somalia - Telegraph
Yesterday 06:58 PM

"Kenya has the right to go after [al-Shabaab] of course, but we are pretty concerned that explicit offensive action will make Kenya a target for the kinds of attacks we saw in Kampala," said a European diplomat in the capital Nairobi''

And there you have the Western liberal mindset wrapped up in a nutshell,Islam is at War with the World,from Pakistan to Russia ,from Kosovo to Egypt Muslims are on the march and the pitiful cowards in the West have learned only how to be Chamberlain's when what we desperately need is a Churchill.

Islam needs to be de-classified as a Religion and rebranded what it is,a Political ideology enforced through theft,slavery,rape,indocrination and Mass Murder,no amount of wishy washy Liberal platitudes can change this simple fact.

..................... an interesting thought along with other posters suggesting the establishment of a buffer zone inside Somalia to where we could return some of our ahem... cultural diversity.



Just out of curiousity how do the kenyan military stack up compared to the other flea pit nations?


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I am suprissed that we haven't moved closer to said border, whilst "training".
Didn't you see RK and the UF boys do some work in that part of the world...?

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