Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jake, Jul 3, 2003.

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  1. Reactions?
  2. They're talking about Nanyuki, been there many times.

    The town is full of sleepers who are looking for a fast buck from the squaddies all the time. In fact, you want one, take a pair of Levis with you and you could have one for the week, literally, and I bet there;s plenty of people on here who have the same experience.

    Whether the claims of rape are true or not...I don't know, but there were dozens there willing to have it for a few shillings.

    Tribal Masai would be a different matter and I don't believe that at all. To suggest that there are 40 mixed race children from the result of rape is ridiculous, never would it happen, and the coppers, all being Masai, would never stand for it anyways.

    I'd say this is a load of slags looking for compo.
  3. Shotgun, but you would say that wouldn't you? - despite the many misconceptions about legal aid, it is not doled out 'willy nilly' - there will be questions to be answered....
  4. I'm quite willing to admit that rape 'may' have occurred, but never, ever, on the scale they are saying it did.

    Besides that, Blair needs to show willing to keep his PC mates happy, and what does a few squaddies, or the good name of the Army have to do with him if he can come across as the caring PM he wants to be seen to be, and international statesman?

    Also, I wouldn't just say that. A rapist is a rapist is a rapist, and if ever I saw it happening I'd shoot the bastard.
  5. Knee jerk reactions - I meant the natural reaction is to defend the organisation you belong to, so no other imputations. In time, the 'truth' will out, but the old adage "no smoke without fire" - I guess you could also say "innocent until proven guilty"*
  6. Exactly Jake.

    If I said that I was exually assaulted in training by an RD sergeant, twenty years after the event, I'm willing to bet that I could get legal aid. But does 'no smoke without fire' apply here?

    I could give names, places, dates, description of the place and circumstances, but because of the passage of time my exact memory is slightly hazy.

    It never happened, but it would be reported in all the papers tomorrow and I would get money to help me fight the case. The headline would read, sexual assault at training establishment.

    The rest of my thoughts on it I gave you in the Instant Message.
  7. Yep, thanks for the instant message - lets wait for the outcome of the investigation, after all (unless you were there) all else is speculation.
  8. The dates they were talking about, I was there, and more than once.
  9. This is going to be a very difficult situation to reach a satisfactory conclusion to. My instinctive empathies lie equally been the two parties.

    I would predict that the reality is that a number of women have been raped over the decades and that that fact was sometimes known by the military commanders on the ground.............who kept the rapist away from the authorities long enough to get them back to UK, and/or who bought off the local police commander.

    That some women were raped but the squaddie didn't comprehend because he didn't understand what she was saying and was too pissed to care.

    That some women are jumping on the bandwagon to supplement their collection of Levis.......

    That the local politician genuinely wants to see justice and the Regional district politician just wants to line his pocket (I wonder how much of that compensation will end up there?)

    It's not going to be difficult to find the father of the mixed race children using DNA testing, but that in itself is not proof of rape.

    My father told me in the mid 80s to tell any soldier I knew not to sleep with the prostitutes in Kenya because of the surge of the Wasting AIDS. I woonder if any soldier did contract AIDS by these means? Anyone have any stats?

    But, as I said, I think this is going to be a long, drawn out and rather sordid litle episode in the history of the British Army in Africa.
  10. Jakes up to his usual, hoping that somebody will let something slip.  As for the rest of us, lets wait until the enquiry is over before we let anything go.
  11. Was there myself for a while and found the local populace were more than willing to give it up. Including the girl who would sleep with brits for money but "wasn't a whore"
    There were a few times when guys were rolled by local crims and even attacked with hypodermic needles!

    If this is the situation there, then wait for the shit to hit the fan in Sierra Leone where you couldn't move but for girls throwing it for you. I heard stories of shrewd bartering going on there, batteries or cold coke replacing levi's. will that soon be rape?

    The gurkha's were there too, and as they're being demonised in the report i heard, maybe they should check out east timor!(sarcasm)
  12. This won't be a question of proving which individual coupling in 1980's Kenya was consensual and which wasn't. After this length of time that will be very difficult.

    The question will be if the army covered up the offences, failed to cooperate with the Kenya Police, failed to investigate the matters properly and then assisted the offender to escape the courts system.

    If it turns out that was the case you can open the floodgates to compensation claims, if not this will disappear quite quickly.

    As I said previously if you were in SIB in the 80's it's time to start looking for your old pocket notebooks.

  13. Either way, I hope they don't go back to the Khyber pass and beyond.

    Where do they stop?.

    This Pc Crap is getting out of Control and at the taxpayers expense.

    Don't get me wrong, if they have done the deed, they take the punishment.

    At this rate Two Jags will become the the three armed Forces and TB will take over SSAFA
  14. No shít, mate!!!!  0600hrs - "Gotta get da bitch outta me!!!!" ;) ;) ;) ;D ;D