Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by superdriver, Jan 1, 2009.

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  1. im off to kenya on Grand Prix soon whats it like , anyone know??
  2. Hot, dusty. Other than that, depends what your role is.
  3. Infantry ex mate its a bit of a grizz but the r+r at the end is well worth it
    take loads of old t-shirts to swap for carvings mate and for the love of God
    stay away from the "night flyers" :wink:
  4. Ex Grand Prix.

    Hi m8, did this a few years ago. Basically split into 4 phases: Rangework/Field Firing at Archers Post - probably the hottest place on earth, Jungle Phase with 22 Regt Instructors, Adventure Training - lots of choices, and BG Ex on Dol Dol Training Area. Bloody hard work but some impressive sights to be seen. The R&R is well worth researching - if you are above Cpl you can get a Safari Landrover and take off somewhere of your own choice - in group of not less that 5.

    The best bit is the Jambo House Hotel in Nanyuki where you can enjoy bi-sexual Alesha Dixon lookalikes for £4 each! LOL

    Take plenty of wet wipes for the ubiquitous kling-ons and lots of mozzy repelent. After Kenya you will never enjoy a flushing toilet with toilet paper so much ever again. Enjoy.