Kentucky Fried Cockroach, anyone?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Excognito, Nov 1, 2009.

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    I wonder where they got their training?

    That narrows it down a bit - we're looking for a chef who doesn't take prisoners.

    Warm mayonnaise? And we worry about a few bombings here and there, when large international organizations commit this kind of atrocity on a daily basis?
  2. And this surprises you?
  3. I never did like KFC.

    This proves my theory, that they must have a low opinion of their customers to serve their food in a bucket.
  4. Hmmmmm......congealed fat.......

  5. "Do you want flies with that?"

    I'll get me own coat thankyou..
  6. I first tried KFC thirty years ago. I recall not finish eating what I had. I have never bought or eaten such slop again. KFC is junk food of the worst kind. :ncool:
  7. The only thing I liked about KFC was their blueberry milkshake, so not going there is no loss.
  8. Hark at yourself. It is the food of the gods. Aldershot Unlucky Fried Kitten is a mecca of culinary fowl cuisine, and I for one adore their BBQ minibites. The Zinger Tower Burger now comes with a free 999 trip to Frimley cardiac ward. What more do you want ? ( until the council get's their fcuking finger out, knock down the police station and build that Nando's like they keep promising.
  9. I thought zingers came from the great Burger King....and what the heck is a nandos?
  10. I thought KFC was supposed to be a staple of chavs anyway.
  11. Do you want flies with rat?

    Hat and gloves driver.
  12. More shite imported from the septics.
  13. It's no worse than that fckin "black pudding" you see in deli's over here imported by you goddamn neanderthals.

  14. You bunch of whiney accented wallahs came from us neanderthals
  15. Sorry. Wasn't aware Germany was part of the UK.