Kent's Wall of Mingers & Mongs

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Fat_Cav, May 9, 2011.

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  1. OK then, who works for Kent County Council??

    Council staff had 'wall of shame' to mock pictures of disabled children | Mail Online


    Hehehehe!!! :excited:
  2. Full marks to em. Honorary members of Arrse?
  3. Anybody remember the Navy tradition of the Gronk board? The guys in the mess put up pics of the ugliest women they've been out with. A member of another crew comes on board, visits the mess, looks at the Gronk board. If, in his judgement, the board is better than the one in his mess, he gets the beers in and vice versa.
    "Budgie" 661 Sig Tp, HMS Intrepid. On a trip to Oz, got hitched up with this creature that was so ugly it's difficult to describe, aside from the fact that she made Desperate Dan look pretty. Stuck her picture on our board. In HK we had a visit from a matelot from the minesweeper tied up alongside. He took one look, opened his mouth and then said quietly "I'll get the beers in."
  4. Complete non story,... Typical Daily fail type shoite really,.....

    Are people upset because of what has been done or by the fact that the world now knows about it?,..

    At the end of the day (other than it gets dark) if the whistle blower had just kept schtum what would have happened?. Sweet FA, I'd bet, and why should it really?,... Typical bollox of our society, story teller seeking payment for the 'story' no doubt, and those 'effected' smelling compo,...

    Is there any suggestion they were denying any of the little spackers their bus passes or whatever based upon their appearances?,... If not then what's the issue?
  5. They will be off for Diversity Reprogramming. The correct, diversity-approved response to the sight of a bunch of mongs dribbling down their chins or sitting in a puddle of their own shit wanking all day, is to point out that each of us is beautiful in their own way. Even if they have beetle-brows and a fondness for eating soap.
  6. How would you know what their level is if you only joined in April? Unless your some cowardly custards other account.

    Are you upset because you have a same face of your own? Chin up you miserable, limp wank sock, they tend to die young and if its a total spaz it can't tell anyone about you licking its arsehole clean at nappy time.
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  7. Been here long? Expecting to stay?
    Fucking mardy arsed twat!!! :)
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  8. Someone's got their knickers in a twist as their pictures been shown on here, isn't that you second from right top row ?
  9. Another cunt. Having 3,000 posts doesn't make you less of a cunt. Cunt.

    I might stick around, if it'sd annoying you. Cunt.

    Ah, a comic genius. Cunt.
  10. What the man said.
  11. It's not! You Cock or two! Are you also Camberwell Carrot? Or just his fucking bum chum?
  12. Yeah, that's telling us ain't it? Fuck off to Rearparty piss pants

    I would have replied to your feathered friend but he's already on ignore for being a sobbing wretch.
  13. I'm from Kent, and the 1st pic looks really, really, familiar!
  14. Even pixilated those kids look like right fat cunts.