Kent Securitas Heist

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by George_Boots, Feb 23, 2006.

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  1. Is it just me or is there something admirable about stealing £40M? I mean, its top class criminal activity, but its good old fashioned criminal activity. It puts me in mind of a better time - when prisons were full armed robbers, not paedophiles and happy slappers...

    No-one harmed, Im sure the manager and his family underwent some trauma, but from whats been released through the media so far they are all ok. BBC says the heist was carried out with "military precision". What Units are down in that area these days? If 10-15 of them put their PVR papers in over the next couple of weeks we'll know its them.

    Get Jack Regan and George Carter on the case - they'll "rough up some known faces and get a result".
  2. Yeah, I'm sure you would see the funny side if some cheeky rogues kidnapped your wife and kids at gunpoint.
  3. oxymoron alert....

    more to the are you going to shift £40m....

    MODs watch out for large donations....
  4. ARRSE - Watch out for large cash donations from members from the SE...
  5. Didn't the IRA do something similar a few months ago? Bunch of copycats!
  6. Might be the same guys or related? The method used was the same...
  7. Stop reminiscing about the good old days where criminals were good old boys! Because the Kray Twins were really pleasant guys. The Great Train Robbery individuals didn't beat some poor b@stard into a vegetive state!

    Criminals are just that CRIMINALS. These guys have put a family through immense trauma for their own financial gain. They're not Robin Hood, they won't walk down town and find people who are suffering from poverty and start dishing cash out.

    More than likely its all part of organised crime - oooh that will be the romantic criminal idea of prostitution, drugs, extortion etc etc.

    GB get off of Planet Rose Tinted Glasses!
  8. In other news, 1 KINGS acquire new white fleet vehicles.

  9. RTFQ


    You're an imbecile

    Bet you'll change your tune when you find out they were immigrants from the Balkans.

    No wonder the army gets so much flak from the public when we've got revisionist, retarded simpletons like you in it.

    Editted because this is the Current affairs forum and I can't say exactly what I think of you
  10. :roll:

    wife and kid abducted and held at gun point? staff threatened with guns? yes a right jolly jape all round....
  11. I personally think that the robbers are all in Europe now. As the tunnel isn't too far away from Tunbridge, they were prob. on their way to france before the police were even notified. And why were the police not notified for an hour? Inside job, maybe?
  12. Here's the BBC link:

    2 things strike me really. How heavy is £25/£40m, and could you fill a swimming pool, with it?

    The second thing is the quote in the article from the Bank of England stating that Securitas has already reimbursed them, and that there will be no cost to the tax payer. Bet someone's at Securitas is loving their profit and loss account this morning :D

    On a sobering note, best wishes to the manager and his family. It must have been a traumatic experience. :(
  13. To think I went to school in Tonbridge and never knew that millions were being stashed nearby. And here was me thinking it was a boring little hole with a big railway station....
  14. Odds on an inside job ????? - or was it just perhaps the tunbridge police night shift being bored and wanting to boost their pension fund a tadge ????????
  15. my thoughts exactly. Criminals have NEVER been like they are portrayed in Ealing comedies.