Kent Police Special Branch ..... Curiouser and Curiouser

A councillor has confirmed their presence at a 1999 meeting of Margate Charter Trustees at which they decided to end public funding of a private military cadet group called Kent Adventure Training Corps. This was the meeting at which Trustees were told there were Kent Police Special Branch inquiries.

This was, in fact, a time when Kent Chief constable was telling Home Secretary there were no such inquiries.

I cannot help wondering what answers Kent Special Branch came up with, to questions such as:

(1) REME Corps Secretariat calling in MOD Plod (Det sgt Eileen MacAdam) after a records check into a Kent Adventure Training Corps adult leader's claimed REME service. A claim he allegedly used to gain work with Reliance Security at Deal Royal Marines Barracks 88/89 (The year of the terrorist bombing that killed 11 Royal Marines).

(2) The history of association between a James SHORTT and a Kent Adventure Training Corps adult leader

(3) The circumstances in which Kent Police had colluded with Reliance Security in 1989 resulting in the company giving the KATC adult leader a good reference to help him into new employ. On the face of it Kent Plod aiding and abetting obtaining employ by deception.

(4) Inquiries into the association between a KATC adult leader and a convicted forger of dollars and documents. And whether this related to documents (Service history, qualifications, UDR ID Cards) used to obtain employ at Deal Barracks, to obtain employ at Sericol and to dupe 21 members of TA into paramilitary activity 1980s.

(5) Why the Deputy Senior CID Deal Barracks bombing case (who had become Thanet Police Commander) had concealed from Kent County Council Youth affiliation inquiries, for 18 months till a member of public informed KCC, that a KATC leader had featured in crime complaints (Unrecorded by Kent Plod) which were part of security warnings given against the barracks.

(6) The role of adult leaders of KATC in the case leading to arrests of 21 TA men in 1987. Had one tried to join the TA by deception ? And was the other eventually a police source on the paramilitary activity within TA ?

(7) The associate of adult leaders of KATC who worked for a manufacturer of backup generators. Again a man subject of crime complaints from 1987 that Kent Plod refused to record. Inquiry called for by Kent Police Authority 1997. Kent Chief constable refusing to comply with his own authority's call for inquiry.

(8) The request by HM Coroner that a suicide case, of a wife of a KATC adult leader, be re-examined. An HM Coroner request refused by Thanet CID but not reported on to the officers conducting the 1996 murder inquiry into the killing of retd MI5 man, member of 6th Thanet Gun Range, Ken SPEAKMAN

(9) The incidents, due to backup power failure, at Dounreay and Hunterston B 1998.

(10) The allegations of a former Coroners Officer that CID stole evidence at the 1989 Deal Barracks bombing scene and were overheard specifically deciding to cover up the KATC adult leader related security warnings history. IE The same officer who was misleading KCC Youth affiliation inquiries ten years later.

(11) Why a crime complaint of perjury and conspiracy against a County Cllr member of Kent Police Authority were not recorded and actioned. Had he, just two weeks after the 1998 serious nuclear incident at Dounreay, told Aldwych High Court on oath that there was no process of inquiry (called for or in place) in Kent. How could this be ? Special Branch were making inquiries. And the source telling Margate Charter Trustees this were county cllrs on the Police Authority. This would surely imply that a KPA County Cllr member in 1998 would have known that there were inquiries and that part of the package when giving evidence is that you don't lie but that you tell the Court the whole truth known to you.

(12) early 90s. Kent Police fraud squad officers conducting inquiry at Thanet District Council. An adult leader of KATC and known source to Kent Police (1987 TA arrests case) is a tory district cllr. He is taken before the Chief Exec of TDC by the tory group leader and admits to running a mail intercept at the council. Were the Fraud Squad told this ? was the mail intercept an unlawful source for police or an unlawful activity working against Kent Police inquiries ? In 1998 the tory group leader successfully sued the mail intercept cllr (KATC leader) for libel. The second time he has been judged as a liar in a Court of Law. Let's not review the quality of our sources eh Kent plod ?

(13) Military style training on land at Broad Oak belonging to another tory cllr ? Who were the other group(s) using that land for this activity other than the duped TA men in 87 ? Did Kent Police, led by a source, end up arresting the TA men and failing to investigate the other group(s) ?

(14) Be in no mistake a prima facie case for sabotage of backup gennies has existed since 1987. At that time it was photos, service and test records, confession and corroborative installations. A decade later there was corroborative confession. Be clear. No one has said the IRA did the sabotage. What was said all along was that sabotage consistent with Stage 3 of the IRA garland Plan was alleged. Its relationship within warnings given against Deal Barracks was that the alleged saboteur was a long term associate of KATC adult leaders such as the one with the allegedly forged REME Service record working for Reliance at Deal Barracks. A barracks historically used by another KATC associate one James SHORTT.

On the face of it then lies to a murder inquiry, lies to a fraud squad inquiry, perjury to the High Court, lies to Kent County Council Youth Group affiliation inquiries, snub to HM Coroner and lies to the Home Secretary.


Dark or Light Beers? I notice we have a lot of Golden beer about at the moment, but I prefer a darker brew.


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I sincerely hope BounceBanana is not in charge of the intelligence or planning for any strike against Syrian chemical weapons. Or there will be questions as to why Kent Police's HQ was taken out by the first cruise missile...

Dark or Light Beers? I notice we have a lot of Golden beer about at the moment, but I prefer a darker brew.
Reason being it is summer and therefore you get a lighter beer, I like Honeydew and Waggledance, but this year I have rather enjoyed Aspalls Cider when it gets warm. I must admit I like a nice Porter or a winter ale.
**** off Knock Knee! You're seriously deluded and must have huge stockpiles of tin foil!

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BB, you didn't answer my question; do you use ARRSE as an electronic toilet for your brain?
Can you get a decent kebab in Kent?

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Loads of badly packed ones down that end of the country :thumleft:

Mind you, they all taste a bit fishy if you ask me :blush:


Reason being it is summer and therefore you get a lighter beer, I like Honeydew and Waggledance, but this year I have rather enjoyed Aspalls Cider when it gets warm. I must admit I like a nice Porter or a winter ale.
Both Honeydew and Waggledance good - but I still prefer a good fresh pint of Adnams
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