Kent Police Overmanning

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by pombsen-armchair-warrior, Jul 2, 2010.

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  1. We've recently had ACPO bleating about the effect of budgetary cuts on police forces. Statements such as this are unconvincing when measured against current police outputs such as the Kent Gipsy and Traveller Action Group. To quote:

    Chief Superintendent Mark Notsane, the chairman of the Gipsy and Traveller Action Group (GTAG) at Kent Police, told Police Review today that it was crucial to help female travellers 'maintain their way of life' by getting them settled in a caravan.

    Read more:
  2. Kent Police! Wheres Knock Knee when you need him? Theres bound to be a link between the Kent Gypsy & Traveller Action Group and the Thanet Ranges/IRA benefit fraud/bent councillers/power station sabotage/etc...

    At least he want to keep them in their caravans rather than a 12 bedroomed mansion in Surrey paid for by the tax payer plus £100k per year in benefits.
  3. ...and Warwks appear to be a tad overmanned too:

    Elsewhere, to mark Gipsy History Month, local authorities have been enthusiastically supporting the regional finals of Travellers Got Talent, modelled on the ITV show. Even I couldn't make it up.

    Coincidentally, the East/West Midlands contest was held in the village of Ryton on Dunsmore, just down the road from Meriden, as part of a 'Pride not Prejudice' event, opened by Assistant Chief Constable Bill Dullard, ACPO lead for Gipsies and Travellers
  4. Dullard! What an unfortunate name.
  5. Until the Coalition Government gets rid of ALL the senior police 'officers' appointed entirely for their political allegiance, then this sort of story will be common.

    The grinning spiv Bliar has a great deal to answer for when considering the general 'state' of this once great nation.
  6. Bit like Notsane....not, sane ......see? FFS. did you know the word 'gullible' isn't in the OED? :eek:

  7. Really? How interesting.
  8. I got as far as this phrase and thought what the hell does it mean:

    " between up to 81 per cent" ?????????
  9. Typically shoddy Daily hate reporting. They surely must have missed out the rest of his quote. I mean no one is that big an idiot. I bet the missing part of the quote goes like:

  10. Another unfortunate name!
  11. Unfortunately such "departments" became all too commonplace in every force in the UK during the last 20 years or so. Whenever there was a "supposed" problem identified, they'd create a department which became a wee empire for the officers within.

    These officers rarely ever come back from such moves, leaving the guys on the street short-handed.

    It's the wasters shiny chairs with their backsides where each force can make huge savings, without any effect to operational Policing.

    In fact they could increase their operational manpower, by putting these cops back where they belong............................on the street, serving the public, instead of serving political correctness.
  12. Getting rid of ACPO in its present form would be a good start. Senior police either work for the Police or ACPO, they can't objectively do both.

    Semi retired police officers doing a back room job should be next, I know several 20 plus year served officers doing jobs that a civvy on half the wage could do. It's a running joke in the 3 forces that I work with as to how easy a life a time served PC can have once he is put into a back room job, especially one that has "liaison officer" in the title.

    Then PCSO's. The principle looked good until it was put into practice. It was supposed to be "more visible uniforms on the street". Instead it turned into more uniforms on the street that the scum knew that they could turn around to and say "get fcuked". PCSO's then have to call the real OB and usually it ends up with 2 proper Police cars (if not more going by the CCTV footage I have to sort out) turning up. Where one real copper could have dealt with it, you end up with 2 PCSO's and 4+ proper police to deal with a minor idiot because the original pair of PCSO's has neither the power or ability to deal with the original incident.

    I work with the OB day to day and can honestly say that if a PCSO ever challenged me I would quite happily tell him or her to fornicate with their own parents and would walk away knowing that they can do the square root of fcuk all. If I know that, so does every law breaking chav on the street.

    Bin PCSO, bin ACPO in its present form, bin the multitude of worthless red tape, bin the support staff that support the red tape, cut back the senior officer entertainment allowances (after all, as a Police Officer, who exactly do you need to entertain at the cost of the public purse? Last time I looked there was no manufacturer of lawfulness), stop stupid expenses like the recent WMP 100K spend to change the colour of their service shirts, stop the unnecessary refurb of some police stations (I was working in one on Thursday that I have worked in since 1998, end result is nicer toilets, some snazzy desks, a neutral wall colour and a posh lift and panelled walls. Has it benefited crime fighting? Has it fcuk and it cost us 380K)

    Stop Vehicle Tax and Insurance avoidance detection being a Police matter. ANPR can quite happily hand that over to the DVLA. It doesn't need a dozen Police at a VCP to do it. If flagged then details can be handed to the Police, the technology is mind bendingly simple (I know, I fit it). Surely the Police would be far better used actually responding to crimes than trying to detect traffic money spinners en masse at a roadside?

    In fact, as a now civvy looking in to the OB, I can honestly say that as an organisation they are even better than the Army at wasting money.

    And that has got to be a hell of a boast when witnessed by someone that once saw 12000 litres of aviation fuel sprayed onto a bonfire just to make sure it would burn :)
  13. One of the aims of the Kent CTAG is:

    To provide support in the recruitment of new personnel and progression of existing personnel.

    Would love to know what this support actually is. Perhaps a recruitment fair down at the local 'second-hand' goods emporium aka Eli's Recycling Shop; or a block on promotion of those police officers' with a good arrest rate; or a team of tarmackers laying the parade square.

    Kent Police also find sufficient manpower to resource the following:

    Disability Action Group
    Fairness Action Group
    Gender and Transgender Action Group
    Hate Crime Action Group
    Age Action Group
    Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Action Group
    Minority Ethnic Action Group
    Religion and Belief Action Group
    Immigration and Asylum Action Group

    Ripe for cuts I would say.