Kent Police Inquiry ... access to Deal Royal Marines Barrack

I received a letter yesterday from Mick Mercer Executive Support Officer to Mike Fuller Chief constable of Kent.

The Chief constable has directed that inquiry be raised into historical access to Deal Royal Marines Barracks which was tragicaly bmbed by IRA 22.9.89

The inquiry has been passed to Chief Supt Hogben Area Commander Thanet (Fort Hill Police Station Margate)

This inquiry, if conducted properly, would be looking at James Shortt history of running CQB courses at the barracks with a Royal Marines PTI Finan.

It should also be looking at factual errors concerning Reliance Security which feature in the Admiralty Board of Inquiry report re the bombing of the barracks.

The problem with the breach of security warnings we gave Kent Police in 88 and 89 was that it concerned obvious military fantasists. One (or more) of whom had gained work with Reliance at the barracks. Their approach trying to obtain Betteshanger Colliery explosives etc was all seen by police as part of their Walter Mitty world. As was their bogus black belts and their involvement running pesudo military cadet groups in the county.

I recently contacted a martial arts governing body who responded by removing reference to a Margate based karate instructor as a 4th Dan Blackbelt. He was an associate of the military fantasist who gained work at Deal Barracks with Reliance.

When 21 members of HSF TA at Broadstairs were arrested in 1987 (Unlawful Drilling Act) for paramilitary activity (duped into believing they had become honorary members of UDR) evidence emerged of an adult pseudo military unit who conducted night manouevres in the Plucks Gutter and Broad Oak areas near Canterbury. One of these pseudo soldiers was also an arrested TA man and associate of the military fantasist who gained work for Reliance at Deal Barracks.

My position has always been that in the extensive imaginary garden there was a real toad. The problem (I see this) for Kent Police has always been how many walts are they supposed to look into before scenting a real toad)

Our position (late John Allen and myself) has always been that the moment Kent Police actually raise inquiry then we drop all complaints and get 100% behind them.

I don't think this is really light at the end of the tunnel. I expect a fob off letter from Mr Hogben in due course.

However much people(esp police) may regard us as nuisances the fact remains we gave Kent Police security warnings on that barracks. Yet eleven lads died against a situation of inadequate and unaddresed security.

It is not a case of I told you so. It was always a case of what if we had been more effective in making police investigate properly.

So if through your painstaking research on Mr Shortt you have information which may be of use to Chief Supt Hogben please send it to him.

Best wishes

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