Kent Police - Heroes of our time.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by zero-over, Jun 28, 2013.

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    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    My mate wants a banana - I told him if he hung around here long enough...

  2. I'm still wondering what that fat Plod was actually doing in the tunnel. Why does it take a Police Sergeant to do something a minimum wage security mong could do?
  3. Ah, Happy days, bit dusty in 'ere tonite innit. . . .

    On a serious note I was part of an AGLOW Exercise team that planned a CT Exercise down the Tunnel with regards to a hijacked train. Part of the Scenario was a French gendarmerie being shot and pushed out into the underground walkway. It took twelve hours before the Brits authorised a rescue / recovery of the cop. Believe it or not, that actually caused a stinging, spiteful diplomatic incident, and rightly fecking so!
  4. I'm not surprised, those risk assessments are a bit of a bitch to fill in.
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  5. Unfortunately, got it in one, even though the scary people from Hereford were available!
  6. Bouncing Bananas - YouTube
  7. But that'd mean some mid-level police officer would lose control of his toys if they got involved and there'd be ruffled feathers everywhere!
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  8. Are you sure you are not a copper?

    Edit: To the uninitiated, At that level of exercise, everyone plays, from COBR to SF. The only people who aren't real are the X Rays.
  9. I bet you got the whole "This is what we'd do if it was a real incident, but as it's an exercise we can't take any unnecessary risks" line too....
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  10. See above edit, all decisions (literally) came from the Top.

    We had a French Police Colonel (Liaison Officer) demanding to know what the Feck was going on and why we had left a wounded French Cop, on his own, for twelve hours. It was all gallic rage and VERY entertaining listening to the feckin drones on our side come out with the usual H&S bollocks. But, yeah, you are right, it would have meant a "We have Control. .Stand by, stand by" moment and they were not ready for it. The Frogs, bless their cotton socks, threatened to mount their own rescue mission.
  11. Then that's even worse, in those 12 hours my nan could have strolled the length of the tunnel and back!
  12. I was on duty in Excon that night. To say it was a monument to shoulder sloping, inability to make a decision, incompetence and a clear case of people being promoted way above their ability would be an understatement. (And trust me, I'm not just on about the Old Bill!!!!)

    And to round the whole feckin thing off, the hoolies nicked 10 sleeping bags provided by my ACF Detachment, a tele and quaffed four slabs of Stella we had borrowed off HMRC for barricades within the train. We got everything but the Stella back!
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  13. Does this episode appear in your book, and if not - why not?!
  14. No, it doesn't, however should I write a sequel it will!