Kent Police Do It Again

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by JoeCivvie, May 10, 2013.

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  1. Joe,

    I didn't open any of the links you posted, but I can remember a similar incident from a few years ago. Whilst that girl was reduced to tears I read another article that some council dross had dog shit inspectors going about a town with spray paint to apply circles around Rover's dump. This was in the forelorn hope the owner would see it at next walkies and remove it.

    So there you are. Chalk on a pavement is criminal damage but spray paint is not.

    Officious prats ought to have the face rubbed in it or, in the case of chalk marks, ground off on the paving slabs.

    Yet another classic example why members of the Fire Service are held in higher esteem than plod.
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  2. The girl should have responded that it wasn't criminal damage last year (when she was 9 and below the age of criminal responsibility - they know their rights, these kids).
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  3. Aren't all police cars fitted with trackers / GPS so it would surely not be hard to track down the officer responsible? It was probably a security guard, where I live they have quasi-police private patrols and they not only dress like police but their vehicles have similar decals.
  4. Well, that should fucking be allowed! Just recently a force went on the rag because horseback riders are wearing high viz vests with the wording 'POLITE" on the back and plod thinks that's too close to their mode of dress. I hope the hobby riders get there kit trademarked or copyrighted and tell the rozzers to sit on it.

    If it saves the lives of the coppers, it can save the lives of the riders.
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  5. The authority is investigating but have not yet been able to identify the officer in question.

    A Kent Police spokesman told the Gazette: “We are trying to trace the officers who are reported to have made this comment.

    Although Kent Police are as gods amongst us mere mortals I am worried that the blokes at base in charge of the patrols aren't too sure where their patrols are; they might be laying down the law Judge Dredd style to dangerous 10 year olds. But they could just pretend to be on patrol whilst actually scoffing pies or shagging their mate's missus secure in the knowledge that their mate is back at base and doesn't actually know where the patrol is.
  6. Some words and phrases leapt out at me from the articles in those links:

    “so scared, she nearly wet herself.”
    "It kind of scared me" and finally.....
    Her father Bob, 51, a pub entertainer......was seething!

    I havent had a good seeth for ages, in fact I might just have a seeth over this thread
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  7. Probably the same type of response that would come if a load of bloke with "Fire Brigands" on the back of quasi firefighter uniforms cruised round in a big red truck pretending to put out fires
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  8. That eould sum up the pair we seen the other week nicely on a road last week with a give way place horses were some 200 mtrs away so missus decides to drive past them as if tey go into dingle file theres enough room for both lots to pass by. But no the pair of cunts think they can still stay abreast of each other and start gobbing off that they have priorty cause its a country road shut the fuck up sharpish when the missus told them hshe rode horses and had a road safety cert for them cunts the lot of them.
  9. I once wrote in orange chalk on a wall when I was in Primary School, you could still roughly make out the orange square with the writing TAMMY 4 GARRY inside it the last time I walked down that alley 15 years later.

    Did you know hopscotch is called Himmel und Hoch in Germany.
  10. Ho Ho, I can feel the coming on of a Slag Off The Police Week.

    Personally I would have just tied her face down onto the tow hook of my car whilst doing doughnuts in her school playground. That'll teach 'er
  11. I would doubt an MG Midget has the power to pull (as in over, not the Werthers Originals sort) a kid, let alone do a doughnut without breaking down.
  12. You deserve to be outed in 40 or 40 years in an enquiry entitled Rawhide and further strands of evidence for your outrageous criminal damage which will no doubt still be readable using the latest technologies. Alongside you will be you many co-accused from the murky underworld of Arrse back in 2013