Kent Police annual panto dress rehearsal gets Sun headlines

Apparently the group don't allow extremists to join...

Of course not, they don't need to, the breed their own. I saw some of them at a military modelling/war gaming show in London a few years back. they had their kids running around in Hitler Jugend uniforms and were selling mugs with pictures of Hitler on their stall.

Fcuking Nazi walts.

And a lots of them are fat feckers as well, about as far from their image of the aryan superman as you imagine. Sepp Deitrich would be spinning in his grave at the sight of them.

Most of them would run at the first sign of trouble.


Interesting statement:

“We do not aim to glorify war or the Nazi Regime but we do aim to portray the fighting German Waffen SS soldier of WWII as accurately as possible


And don't forget that the vaunted aryan supermen had their collective arses handed to them on a plate by ordinary people like these:

My dad did his bit to stop those feckers in 39-45 and he is a better man than any of those walts.

Although nobody fantasises about being tied down and ravished by a hippy.
Most people keep there fetishes private :)
OK, question for serving squaddies. Given that someone will probably be reenacting you lot in the not too distant future, would you be flattered or think they're a shower of twats?
Jeeesus. Although I fully realise that this is going to leave me wide open to ridicule... I'm glad I've a verifiable alibi for the weekend, 'cos there's a photo there of a bloke dressed in rig and I had look twice to make sure it wasn't me!
yeah, someone wears a Nazi uniform- it's bad, its shocking etc
and yet you can easily buy (an wear) Che t-shirts, and- especially now, with winter coming- warm hats with sickle & hammer.

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