Kent PCC Ann Barnes JP has gone silent

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BounceBanana, Jul 23, 2013.

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  1. As you know she was less than circumspect in her recruitment of a Youth Ambassador.

    She previously served as a member of Kent Police Authority.

    Their history includes that on 15th August 1997 they called on ACC O'Connor for inquiry and report concerning paramilitary activity in the county and the Deal Barracks use and security history and 1989 bombing.

    Will Ms Barnes accept that the call for inquiry necessarily extended to investigation into the ownership of land upon which paramilitary training occurred, and upon which arrests of 21 TA soldiers occurred in 1987 ?

    Did this land or did this land not belong to the late Conservative Councillor Derek DOLDING ?

    Wasn't DOLDING a fellow witness at Aldwych High Court in 1998 with Kent Police Authority conservative member County Cllr William HAYTON ?

    In fact they were witnesses called by Conservative District Councillor George Richard MAISON who, nonetheless was found guilty of libel.

    Did Councillor HAYTON fail to tell the High Court about the open call on ACC O'Connor for inquiry into matters like the 1987 arrests, in which George MAISON was arrested and into the ownership of the land where the activity and/or arrests occurred.

    After the arrests in 1987 the Kent Police gave a press release that the Army had undermined them in their wish to bring charges against the 21 TA men.

    Is it the fact that the arrests were in fact made under Firearms Law ?

    But that Police found difficulties in pursuing that with charges so tried the more obscure Unlawful Drilling Act 1819 ? It thus being open presumably to the Army to refuse to say the men had no Crown Authority ? Hence no charges.

    In the next 18 months local concerned citizens opposed the re-issue of firearms certificates and raised warnings against the security of Deal Barracks. Police inquiries were curtailed and some complainants not even interviewed.

    Was it true that the conservative MP Roger GALE supported his conservative colleague MAISON in his "Right to bear arms" ?

    If this was true what influence if any did that have on police decisions to drop security inquiry related to Deal Royal Marines Barracks ?

    These seem like reasonable questions to me Ms Barnes. After all 11 Royal Marines died there.
  2. Andrew Gilligan in 1999 IIRC wrote a sort of milk and water piece for the Sunday Telegraph about mainland right wing extremists being involved in Ulster Loyalist paramilitary collusion.

    I am wondering if when he squinted at event history in Kent he may actually have been thinking of its possibility to juice up his dossier ?

    But hey when it is not right wing extremists but members of the tory party playing military shenanigans perhaps that ain't the sort of juice the Sunday Telegraph was wont to go for ?
  3. The reasonable question would be..

    What are you actually consistently complaining about? Weird cryptic posts don't help.
  4. Make... the... voices... stop... mother!
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  6. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    I feel we are missing the key question here:

    Were Kent police part of the conspiracy to assassinate President Kennedy?

  7. Did Kent police eat my hamster?

    And if not, why not? Prejudice against hamsters?

    I'll let you be the judge...
  8. I'm afraid not even Kent's finest can deduce what he's on about

    ... and since he's on my ignore list nor can I.
  9. I like Kent Police.
    They are my third favorite UK Police force (after PSNI & Greater Manchester, before you ask)
  10. Ahhh, Kent, my home county. Home of some fine wines, beers and food. Also some wonderful sites to visit. I can recommend Leeds Castle or Scotney Castle. Dungeness or Whitstable all excellent for some decent photography.
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  12. You know you're getting old when you get up in the morning during a summer heatwave, see that it's raining and think 'ah well, it'll do the garden good'.

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  13. Is that the Garden of England ie Kent?
  14. That'll be Chatam then, and no one cares about that.
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  15. Has she lost her voice ? Im really concerned, open 50 more threads detailing why !