Kent Fireman gets 2 years


Sorry to see the Kent Fireman-'Hooligan' who got 2 years for rioting in Portugal. He should count his blessings he will do it in the UK. No Seniore Grande for him to worry about.

Atleast it will say him having to worry about the forthcoming strike.


Well at least we all know the next time the firemen come out on strike who'll be doing his bloody job! :roll:

He was lifted on Tuesday and has been weighed off already ? 8O Swift justice!

Providing he is not an innocent caught up in an indiscriminant police sweep, it's a pity he won't do his time in Portugal. It doesn't look like Portuguese coppers ( and by extension Prison Officers) are neutered by beardy tweed wearing...blah blah

Is there room in Bernoulli's mass grave for football hooligans?
I thought that these trumptonites were under paid and over worked!! how di he:

a. get the time off
b. afford to go
Filbert Fox said:
I thought that these trumptonites were under paid and over worked!! how di he:

a. get the time off
b. afford to go

a. Only work 4 days a week

b. Fitting kitchens/double glazing, taxi driving, window cleaning etc. etc., and not paying tax on second job!
Serves the silly idiot right for getting involved in the first place. He'll lose his job and his pension, and he'll get no sympathy from me.
Latest news, is he's a Birmingham City season ticket holder.


Mann, a 46-year-old Birmingham City supporter, now lives in Beaumont Davy Close in Faversham, Kent. There was no answer yesterday at his home, which is attached to the town's fire station compound. A cartoon sticker in the window depicted a Birmingham City football supporter urinating on an Aston Villa football shirt.

A spokesman for Kent Fire Brigade confirmed it had an employee named Garry Mann who worked at Faversham.

David Lloyd-Baker said his daughter-in-law, Suzanne Lloyd-Baker, was living with Mr Mann, and said he worked as a fireman in Faversham.

Outlining the case against the arrested fans at the courthouse in Albufeira last night, Judge Filipe Marques said: "Gary Mann was detained and arrested for throwing a bottle at military police. When he ran away he incited others to do the same and to fight against the police."
What a load of plonkers you are... Its nothing to do with him being a fireman.. its cos he`s a thug.. jail quite right...but hold on a mo... aren`t there a few squaddies going to jail soon for their thuggery ? I wouldn`t be so churlish as to comment when thathappens. There are D...heads in every job.. you got some too remember !
Agree with Tenor. Who cares he's a fireman, he's an out and out prick !! This bloke has very distintive looks and build, so I believe the Portugees coppers (who are working alongside Brit coppers) that they got the right man. When someone holds the position in the community as he does, then they should know better. Throwing a bottle and then inciting the rest of the crowd doesn't sound responsible to me. Kent rate payers should be given the decision whether or not to keep him employed as a fireman, seeing as they pay his wages, or otherwise, fcuk him, let him rot on the dole.
Gunny... no doubt he will be done under brigade discipline regs of which is about bringing the brigade into disrepute... believe me..even though he may ( through a technicality ) escape serving his sentence.. what he suffers financially will far outweigh it . No sympathy for thugs no matter who. Hell ... I`m a married man... nothing you can teach me about brutality.... Sorry honey... OUCH !

Mr Happy

Tenorplayer said:
Gunny... no doubt he will be done under brigade discipline regs of which is about bringing the brigade into disrepute... believe me..
Is that after the union points out that as he's not been 'done' under British law he's done nothing wrong in this country??? Another technicality.
I will put my cards on the table here. I'm a serving firefighter in Strathclyde who has a brother in the armed forces who has just returned from Iraq, last year in Afghanistan.
Many fire fighters are x forces but i'm amazed at some of the comments posted here about Gary Mann. The firefighter accused (convicted) in Portugal who claims he was not near the riot. True or false open your eyes and do not believe everthing that you read in the press, media.
I do not think every squadie took part in the torture and humiliation of prisoners.
As for the greed, hours worked and taxes paid. That's what comes of being sucked into media lies. When your on excercises do you get to rest (not sleep) how many of you have scams that you do not pay taxes on. How many nurses, doctors, plumbers, joiners, mechanics, teachers oh and MP's and councillors have two jobs or more are they called greedy.
The Fire service are threatening to strike again if the employers do not stick to the agreement signed in 2003. Not because we are greedy, criminally iressponsible, fascist bastards who are traitors to our country.
Part of the failure of the last dispute was that many firefighters would not strike while we were at war. Squadies were shown no mallice during the dispute. You were only following orders.
Remember like the previous poster. what will you be doing when you leave the service. f'ing cartwheels or maybe a career in the fire service like many who left before you. yours in solidarity.

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