Kent Chief constable to move on ?

What are the odds on the CPS finding that the maid has no case to answer?
Miss Tapui was accompanied at Westminster Magistrates' Court in Central London yesterday by her British husband, solicitor Alexander Zivancevic ....
I must be getting old :roll:

And ....

She pleaded not guilty to charges of fraudulently claiming to be entitled to work in the UK and possessing a false instrument: a Tongan passport with a false UK visa stamp.
She was not asked to enter a plea to a third charge of overstaying her work visa.
However ... I digress :oops:
Damn! you had to mention Kent Plod! You have Knocknee in here before you know it, with another imcomprehensible pseudo-legalise worded rant about James Shortt and the Deal bombing.
Good Riddance,as the CC of Kent the man was a total waste of space,the lack of community policing,police stations only open 9-5,etc.

If you get lifted in Ashford,you are taken to the Custody Suite at Folkestone Police Station (where most of the police from Ashford have moved over the last 12 months?)about 18 miles away,and now,because of the lack of use of the Custody Suite in Ashford,that is being closed down as well.

So you have a situation where a town that is supposed to be commuter heaven,has no Feds,and "wet-back" central,has so many feds they actually patrol almost as far as Maidstone? :roll:
That's 'modern' policing for you-and Darling wants to protect their budget-but not The Army's money!!!!
Don't let Knocknee find out, his crusade against Fuller is legendary, this "promotion" could tip him over the edge!
Seagull ... And you think that Knockknee doesn't know ?

I know him from about twenty years ago. Which is why we are intrigued by his latest tricks on Arrse (and on Slugger o'Toole) He was an irritating b-astard then too but don't underestimate how clever he is. I remember him walking up to a Captain and saying somethng like "I am caused to wonder in the circumstances if you have considered that every force has an equal and opposite reaction" (Blah blah blah laws of physics) . He led the officer away whereupon a massive explosion and lumps of bad news flying at waist height where the officer had been standing.

With KK he will never use one word where 200 will suffice.
Mike Fuller, like many other CC's has done his police 'marketing' courses and believes in presentation over substance. I have seen his dicking around with community policing, pcso's, 'every village with a local bobby' etc and its all tosh.

Confidence in policing nationally, let alone in Kent , has never been lower imho. And I am a natural police supporter.

He can go join the political police up in London.
Never met the bloke, but I applied for a job working with him when he was still in the Met.

I didn't get the job but the people who worked for him liked him. As they were all the sort of coppers arrsers would approve off I take that as a good refernce.


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