Kens at it again

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by gingwarr, Mar 28, 2006.

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  1. Once again, Sir Kenneth of Livingstone has shot himself in the foot.

    BBC link

    Is that three times in six months?

    Edited for poor punctuation
  2. bugger i thought he really had now that would have made me smile
  3. That bloke is a cnut of the highest order. The only reason he EVER got voted in was because our once proud Capital City is now jam packed with just the people this tw@t sucks up to. The bloke is a fcuking loon.....& I hate him. I hate his weasally looks,the sound of his voice,his attitude,his smarmyness.... I could go on.....but I won,t.

  4. On the other hand, the Ambassador is a used car salesman by trade so Ken's not completely inaccurate on that partcular score.
  5. It is clearly an insulting remark.

    Mr.Livingston should read Vienna convention about diplomatic relations

    There are some exceptions. But mr.Livingstone should clearly mention concrete exception. Personally I don't see one that fit this case.

    By the way Met.Police is unaware about Vienna convention too

    Mr.Margelov was invited by British parliament and was accompanied by a representative of Foregn Office who confirmed his diplomatic status and immunity from any form of detention. But policmen performed body search and even asked mr.Magelov some humiliating questions.
  6. The C Charge isn't a tax, it's a toll.

    I'm fairly sure (from when this first raised it's ugly head last year) that Diplomats in the US still have to pay road tolls.
  7. He is a magnet for stupidity. I do believe that he has ideas above his station and that being Mayor of London allows him to conduct himself in such an arrogant manner.

    You Sir, are a cnut!

    So Merriam-Webster Dictionary give sufficient ground to regard it as a tax.
  9. With the amount of fiddles, sneaky ways of avoiding paying for anything possible and claiming for stuff, I am surprised that anyone either in local, national or european government have the complete hypocrisy to comment on stuff like this!
  10. The US ambasador is being a bit cheeky. The charge is to me quite patently not a tax. Does he expect to travel on the bus for free too?

    Well, OK, he doesn't get the bus; he gets driven - he's probably not even a brother. But the analogy holds. Besides, I'm sure he lives centrally, gets the 80% discount and can expense it. He's just being a pr1ck.

    Perhaps we can allow him a credit and backcharge him for all the extra security around Grosvenor Sq? His rights and whatnot - well, same could apply to mine walking or driving aorund there.

    As for Ken though... he just doesn'tget the whole "politician" thing does he?
  11. Having been a former contracted employee in a Diplomatic Establishment, I can understand the security implications to such scams as the Congestion Charge. Im sure no doubt Transport For London will have banged on to the Embassy about how they must register there cars etc for the fleet scheme. Diplomatic number plates are easy to recognise but im sure no Foriegn Mission would want there entire index numbers on a non secure system, the same way I sure the Met Police would not give TFL a list of index numbers of vehicles they use for covert/surveilience operations.

    Ken Livingston is a total embarasment to the people of London. Any Diplomatic issues he has should be taken up with the Foreign Secreatry or the Court of St James.

    Ohh and by the way, Ken thinks he knows it all, The Ambassador is just the puppet figure, complain to the Deputy Chief of Mission who runs the daily affairs of any U.S Embassy worldwide!.
  12. Not neccesarily a tax, then.

    Could be a fee.

    Do diplomats not pay fees then?
  13. Ken Livingston is a Old Labour prat. What other countries do not pay the tax? You don't hear him bang on about the thousands of pounds in unpaid parking fines from certain African Embassies. He is doing his usual, offensive anti-American rhetoric for a cheap shot. If he had a go at all Embassies and Missions, then fine, but as usual, only those he doesn't paricularly like. As said above, he is an arrogant, small-minded buffoon!
  14. Not sure that this argument holds water - if you wanted to keep a low profile, surely the answer would be to pay the CC like everyone else. As it is, I presume any vehicles the USEMB may have wished to remain covert are now flagged up on a database somewhere as CC evaders. Rather self-defeating wouldn't you say? But what does a mere civilian know of 'tradecraft'??


    P.S. Re 'puppets'. Not a hard and fast rule. Take Admiral William J. Crowe, US Ambassador in the mid 90s, and a former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. Think he pulled the DCM's strings than vice versa.
  15. I'm rather disappointed that it takes a foreign government representative to point out the
    unfairness of this iniquitous TAX.

    I'll be getting me armour on now, in readiness to deflect the 'if you don't like it, don't drive'
    high brow argument.