Kenny McKaskill Resigning as Scottish Justice Seccy!!!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by sparksmalarks, Aug 26, 2009.

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  1. Had to be done sorry :twisted:

    Anyone think it may happen?
  2. mid week urge.
  3. Will never happen because that would mean showing integrity and taking responsibility for the disgraceful decision to free the "dying" terrorist. (Who seems to be in sudden remission).
  4. Just like he did on Monday, when he stood up and took full responsibility for the decision.

    Since you appear to right "in there" with the medical prognosis, perhaps you could show us evidence of this sudden remission?
  5. I'm no great fan of the man and I have suspicions about the possability of a "deal" but in this case the guy has to be given due credit.

    It was his decision as SJS and he appears to all intents and purposes to have made that decision based on the law and his own moral judgement.

    Leaving aside whether it was the right decision or not, no I don't think he should resign. There's a long queue of people ahead of him who should for all manner of reasons.
  6. Whatever the rationale for the decision (and I've little doubt it was political, but then so was the conviction) I've still rather more respect for him than the British Government.

    After all, at least he's stood up in his parliament and defended his position. I'm not convinced the PM and Mandy have fully explained their part in this.
  7. No he didn't take full responsibility, because it wasn't HIS decision, he was merely the spokesperson for Mandleson. The final decision to release the murdering scumbag was made aboard a yacht in Corfu, the path had been smoothed by first Blair with the "Prisoner exchange deal" (How many Libyan prisoners did we have? Oh yeah, just the one, odd that!) The of course Broon visited Libya a while back.

    As for the medical status, it was reported on BBC news last night that he may have much longer to live than the few weeks first predicted. Be prepared for a medical miracle over the coming months.

    Still, at least you can warm yourself with the warm fuzzy memory of all those saltire waving Libyans welcoming home their mass murdering hero with the collusion of your government.

    What a bunch of snivelling corrupt cowards.
  8. No end to your skills, now you are an oncology specialist
  9. On the contrary, but I do have years of bitter experience of politicians.

    I do know that doctors usually say prostate cancer is something people die with rather than of. A slow progressive one whose early symptoms generally meake it amenable to treatment.

    Given the holiday like prison he was in and the finest medical care in the prison system due to his high profile, he still develops terminal prostate cancer.

    Additionally, Blair was busy arranging his release years ago before any "diagnosis".

    Pardon me for being cynical.
  10. You really don't have much of a clue about the Scottish Parliament and Scots Law do you?

    Mandelson had and has absolutely no chance of telling an SNP Government what to do. If he said black, you could put your house on the SNP saying white.

    Why on earth do you think the Justice Minister refused transfer under PTA?

    Because PTA has Blair, Broon and Mandelson's sticky fingers all over it

    Ah right the Labour supporting BBC said it, so it must be true.

    Take a moment to check out the medical term metastasis.

    Perhaps you prefer the medical diagnosis of a Television company, but I think I'll stick with the 3 oncologists and the 2 urologists
  11. You know as much about Scots law as you do about medicine, feck all.

    Even if 100 specialists had seen him they would probably came to the same conclusion, it is NOT an exact science they can't say he will die exactly within 3 months or longer
  12. I have no issue with the decision either way. But I do have a serious issue with the Yanks telling the rest of the world how to do just about everything when they (Yanks) clearly do not practice what they preach.

    Respect for the Jock bloke for standing by his guns
  13. As I said, I find it difficult to believe that a slow growth cancer like prostate would have got to the mestastic state especially regarding the first class health care available to him during his stay in his hotel room which Scotland built for him and labelled it a "Prison cell".

    Regarding the SNP, they may THINK they made the decision, but were probably manipulated into it by Mandleson, (Reverse psychology and all that).

    Irrespective of who made the decision, it was disgraceful and brings shame on your nation.

    If it was indeed made to thumb SNP noses at Westminister, it was amateurish, spiteful and selfish to boot.

    The last thing I would describe it as is compassionate.
  14. Oh super-douper another conspiracy theory. Give me five minutes 'til I get my tinfoil hat and popcorn. :pc: