Kenny Dalglish......

Discussion in 'Sick Jokes' started by Guardy1991, Jan 20, 2011.

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  1. .....Is the worst caretaker since Ian Huntley.
  2. Not sure I get it......................Stick to sheep jokes!
  3. Ian Huntley being the caretaker who murdered holly wells and jessica chapman in soham.
  4. a joke is never funny if you have to explain it after
  5. So who is going to explain the joke then.
  6. I know who Ian Huntley is you fcuking Welsh sheep shagging yid moron. I also know who Kenny Daglish is..........I just do not get the joke.

    Jokes are supposed to make you laugh like this one does!

    2 parrots sat on a perch and one said to the other can you smell fish?
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  7. fucking shocking
  8. But a country mile better than

    Kenny Dalglish......
    .....Is the worst caretaker since Ian Huntley.
  9. It's good to see recycling in action. We all have our bit to do.

    Also, it's not sick. Sick is:

    Having a smoke outside the pub last nightand this prick in a wheel chair said to me "Why do you smoke when you dont have to?"
    I looked at him and asked "why the fuck are you wearing shoes?"
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  10. Along the same lines

    Two snowmen stood in a a field, one says to the other "can you smell carrots?"
  11. Ok no need to get your nickers in a twist.
  12. Well get a fcuking grip FFS................anyway Kenny Daglish is a fcuking jock twat who hopefully will fcuk up beyond belief and get the Red Shite relegated and then we will see if he is cooler the Fonz......!

    The plus side is that there is one more bloke off the dole.......his fcuking intepreter!
  13. Agreed haha.
  14. You started it with a shoite "joke"

    How is knocking up your girlfriend like locking your keys out of your car?

    The problem goes away with the aid of a coathangar.
  15. Still hold the same opinion,at least he pays his taxes and we are above the cockneys. KOPITE